Premier League: Millionaire collapse of Cristiano Ronaldo

Troubled times for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese passes through Manchester United perhaps for The hardest moment of his career. He “lives” a lot on the bench, hardly plays, does not score, is not the champion, The tension with his coach is more than palpable…

A difficult situation, in addition to anger, personal discomfort or impatience with Erik ten Hag, also causes CR7 depreciation. Cristiano’s value At least Both are on the field, where Their performance and numbersAnd his precious goals receded. How in its priceEconomic evaluation, which is almost in the slightest moment From his famous and award winning career.

Cristiano Ronaldo, what now?

The most expensive Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive deal for Real Madrid in 2009 in the amount of 96 million euros that the white club paid for it, specifically, for Manchester United. His amazing performance at the Santiago Bernabeu increased his price to 120 kilos he reached in 2014, 2015 and 2018According to the data Transfer Market. Later , Juventus Subscribe to CR7 112 million To Real Madrid in the summer of 2018.

after four years, These staggering numbers are far away. At this age, he is 37, and now we must also add the “slack” in his performance due to the rare presence on the court. subordinate 10 days Disputed so far Premier LeagueI played luso Eight games, but only two for a start, adding 340 minutes. CR7 signs An unprecedented start to the campaign For him: only at this point He scored a goal in the tournament. Another player in the European League.

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One of United’s last, 171 in Premier…

for all this, Its market value has decreased. Currently, according to data from Transfer MarketThe price of the Portuguese player will be 20 million eurosless than half its rating in 45 kilos until June 2021just two months before the arrival of United.

Cristiano’s collapse caused him to fill the position Number 15 in the “Red Devils” group. As far as the price is concerned. The most expensive player in the team is his compatriot Bruno Fernandez: 85 kilos. They are followed by Jadon Sancho and Anthony with a score of 75. On the other hand, in Premier LeagueCR7 is a soccer player 171 in the order of market value. He also lost his “economic weight” in his choice: with these twenty million, It’s number 23.

Cristiano numbers in the prime

Only ‘less’ with 19 years old

Its rating has gradually decreased in recent years: 120 million in January 2018, 75 in December 2019, 60 in August 2020, 45 in June 2021 and 20 in September 2022… Just when I had 19 yearsaccording to data from Transfer MarketCristiano was less than 20 kilograms of value: In October 2004 it cost 18 million.

the future

Now, in addition, Cristiano Ronaldo Facing potential punishment After his rudeness against Tottenham. He left early for the locker room and, as he admitted, Tin Hag refused to enter the field.

CR7 has to find the cycle again. He himself regretted his behavior. “I’ve always tried to set an example for the youngest of them. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and sometimes we get caught up in the heat of the moment. Now I feel I have to work hard At Carrington and support my teammates,” he wrote on his Instagram, so try it To return to being a permanent leader and regain his “value”.

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