Premier League: Mikel Arteta: “In so many moments, I saw myself as a Premier League winner”

Mikel Arteta meets Amatrin at Son Vida Castle in Mallorca, where he spends a few (half) days relaxing in his island home. We have known each other for 20 years and YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH BRAND Well deserved thought after a fantastic season for Arsenal.

Second place in the Premier League, as well as the FA and Community Cups, are not the only achievements he has Mikel, who, since his arrival, has raised the value of the “Gunner” team by 369 million euros. Arsenal’s total market capitalization is €976 million366 over 12 months and 369 over in the Arteta era. Saka (120 kilos worth now); Odegard (90); Or Gabriel Martinelli (80) examples of recapitalizing “The Gunner” with Mikel.

ask. It’s been a tough season. What does the Arsenal coach do on his vacation?

Answer. Above all, rest to disconnect from work and connect with our families. It’s the only time of the year that I’m with them for real: with my three kids, my wife, my parents, my friends… even though my kids are soccer freaks and the ball is always rolling in my house.

Q: That’s perfect, but… do you get it, disconnect?

R. At first, it costs. You come from a lot of stress and lowering your heart rate takes time. The phone keeps ringing, that’s for sure, because things happen in the summer. In the first week it broke down a bit more, but we are already in the middle of the market and decisions need to be made.

Q: Have you watched football?

c. I watched some international football and enjoyed the national team title, but we also looked down on ourselves. Watch the matches and the situations to save the things we have to keep and the things we have to improve, including me.

Q: How did you get your winning spirit back for Arsenal in those three-and-a-half seasons you’ve been there?

A: This started three years ago. I was Pep’s assistant at City, we played Arsenal and I saw that the spirit of the club was lost. He didn’t enjoy it, he didn’t feel it. I knew there was an option, soon after, to be on the other bench and I knew this club is so big you had to hook the team up with the fans. It was hard to do that and undo…and now I feel so happy. We have a clear identity, there is unity and we are full of energy. This is the greatest. From top to bottom, they all push in the same direction. We give the fan something to dream about and be proud of. And now you have to earn more.

Arteta, with MARCA Editor.

Arteta, with MARCA Editor.Henry Calvo

Wenger’s reign has been very long, and that has created victories, but he’s also ingrained with flaws. Did you find out what was wrong?

It was very clear. I drew a tree and its roots and said it was our problem. All of this had to be addressed and dealt with with the people who were involved. Without it, there would be no public amusement.

Q: Let’s go back to last season. Was fighting for the Premier League against City an achievement or just winning it?

R. The feat was winning it. This is Arsenal and the level of demand is high. To this day it still hurts me so bad not to win the premiership after spending 10 months fighting with City. But this is sport. However, what has been achieved with this young team [el Arsenal tena la plantilla ms joven de la Premier] of merit. This is clear to me too.

P. What was missing to win?

a. Many things. Those three consecutive draws that we punished [Pool, West Ham y Soton]And all the misfortunes that happened [dos remontadas yendo dos arriba]. There were three or four injuries to important players and from there, it all got complicated. When we had the full team, we were consistent. Once problems arose, they did not reach us. And then our opponent was the best team in the world. the best team in the world. The best coach in the world… We had no choice but to accept it and shake hands with the champion.

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Q: For you, there is no doubt: Pep is the best?

A. Without a doubt. He is the best in everything. administration; convince the group of your idea; drag everyone bringing out their best selves; decision making before and during the match; That message never ends… Pip is genius.

City is the best team in the world with the best team in the world and the best coach in the world. Pep is a genius

Q: Do you think City is Guardiola’s best work?

R. It is not fair to compare. Every action has had its shine, and this city is incredible, because it’s beautiful to see, it’s a different team and it’s adapted players, who are the champions in the end. In addition, of course, he won titles.

Q: I remember at the end of the last game against City (4-1), I saw you didn’t give him an over-hype. Do they have a good relationship?

R. Very well, three days ago I spoke with Pip. But we’re both very winners, competitive, and when we’re out there in the ring, we’re very focused. But we are confident enough that this happened and the next day he called us and we hugged him. This will not go away

Q: I’ve known you for over 20 years, and you’re not: I rarely smile in the band! Does he carry a lot of stress inside?

R. I’m focused and involved in the game, and I know what needs to happen on the field. Maybe as I get older I get more comfortable [risas].

Q: Every game in Premier is a battle. Do you see yourself training for another 20 years?

R. I don’t know what will happen, but I enjoy the daily training. I love my players and the environment we have created at the club. I get up so early every day and I swear I have the urge to go to work on my stomach. We have built a great group and we know the direction to get to the finish line.

Q: Have you ever seen yourself win a Premier title?

A: In many moments. The team gave me arguments and we had contact with people. He believes in it. But when we started getting injured, I felt it was going to cost us a lot. The level of demand cannot be maintained. If you want to win the Premier League against City, you have to get there in April and May with all the players available and at their best. And we, due to injuries, didn’t get to that.

Q: It was a young, inexperienced team.

R. We were a good mix of youth and experience. The most experienced people set an example for the boys. And then, we were fortunate enough to take a generation from the academy with a lot of potential, and we were able to develop their talents so that the team would be harmonious. They are having fun and competing and that will lead us to victory.

Q: Your “gem” is Saka. If it were on the market, would it cost more than 100 million?

A: I have no idea. There are little machines where you enter all the data and variables…and they give you the price. Very good saka, very consistent. His performance and numbers at 21 are insane. He’s very hungry, he wants to get better and he has the perfect environment to make it happen. If I had to pick one thing, it would be his ability to win matches, not many will have that. Also with Martinelli, Gabriel [Jesus] or Odegaard.

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Q: How did you make Odegaard a star?

R. I think this is its advantages. His self-requirement is brutal, he understands everything well and learns quickly. We help him by giving him responsibility and confidence by making him a leader. I explained to him: ‘With this will come more demands and your ability to serve will be the key. Yes you, I told him. Martin is very reserved, but when he talks, he hears. He does whatever is required: he takes care of himself; looks after and improves others; He has an education, love of the game, commitment… He believes he should play close to the area: don’t touch it and reach for more. His numbers are very good: the interior who scored the most goals in the history of the Prime Minister alongside Lampard. And he can still get better at 24 years old.

Q: Is Declan Rice so good that Arsenal are considering buying him for more than €100m?

R. I can’t talk about players who are not in the club. I prefer not to say anything.

Havertz? Kai has already shown a lot, including in the Champions League. He is a talented and versatile player who is only 24 years old.

Q: In other words, we didn’t even talk about signing Havertz…

A: Talent has a price and we at Arsenal are always interested in youngsters with experience. I repeat, I’m not talking about players from other clubs, but in the case of Kai he has already shown a lot, including in the Champions League. He is a talented and versatile player who is only 24 years old.

Q: Arsenal seem to have a lot of interest in Manchester City players. Why ?

R. Easy, because they are so good, and I know them and have been training them for four years. Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko struck me from the human side, as well as with their mentality and talent.

s. This summer they will also have money to invest. This is the key.

R. We’ve really revamped the team, on a very small average and that should generate performance and value. We have some owners allied with us: building a winning team that is sustainable over time, without a lot of investment. But the demand is increasing and you have to go to the market to find what we don’t need to keep improving.

Q: Citi is believed to be the company that invests the most year after year. But this is not true. In fact, even Arsenal have been number one spenders in some seasons, what does that tell you?

A: Depends on what is being evaluated: net worth or investment in one year, in three, or in 10 years? Or you also value salaries. The investment point is one and perhaps the most important revaluation: how much is the player you’re buying worth in “x” years. There is an investment with return and revaluation. This is our strategy for self-preservation.

s. Summary: Is it possible to win Premier 23-24?

A: If not, I wouldn’t be sitting here. This is our ambition. We know the difficulty: it’s the best league in the world and next season it will be the hardest league in the history of the Premier League. Why ? Last year it was already. I’ve been here for 22 years and I’ve never seen a level of competition like this. So much quality, so much organisation, so much resources, such good coaches… And now Pochettino and Iraola have arrived. The level itself and to win the prime minister you have to be the best. That is why it must be strengthened.

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s. To win the premiership, do you need to play well or is this debate not in England at all?

R. No, there is no such discussion here. I want to play in the best way with the idea we have. Some days he will be here. others there. But the competitor must be subdued. The Prime Minister punishes you once you make a mistake. Good play here doesn’t get much. There are a thousand other things to master. Not valid with possession.

Q: Are you still surprised that the stadium is chanting your name?

R. We all like to compliment ourselves and be recognized for what we do. Above all, I want the Arsenal fans to have fun and play every ball with us, to feel like one another at the winning goal.

Q: Did Paris Saint-Germain offer you this summer? This newspaper knows that is the case.

R. I can only say that I am happy at Arsenal. I feel so loved and appreciated by our owners, Stan and Josh [los dos Kroenke]I still have a lot to do here at this club. I am very happy and grateful to be at Arsenal.

Q: Is it a coincidence that there will be four Basque coaches in the Premier League next season? Julen Lopetegui (Wolverhampton), Unai Emery (Villa), Andoni Iraola (Bournemouth) and you.

R. I don’t think it’s accidental. We will have a common style. I don’t know if the Basque character is well related to the English language, the style, the way of being, our earnestness…

Spain is my country, I’ve been away for many years and he could be an option one day, but now I feel happy and appreciated at Arsenal.

Q: Do you get along with everyone?

R. Yes, Iraola and I were even partners in Antiguoko, when we were 13-14 years old. He was a midfielder and I was inside on the right. I already knew Andoni wanted to go abroad and I’m not surprised he’s prime minister. happy for him. 25 years ago we were teammates and now… in the Premier League.

Q: How did you see the last league? Do you have time to watch the matches?

R. Of course, especially those at night, which catches me better. Also, my kids see it a lot. There is always football on TV.

Mikel points out while talking to Marca.

Mikel points out while talking to Marca.Henry Calvo

Q: Do you like Xavi Hernndez?

R. I’ve known him since we played together at Para. Just knowing his personality and how he feels about the game made it clear that Parra needed a character like him. He was able to handle pressure, was loyal to his ideas and always stood up for the club and the players. The team has been very reliable all year.

Q: Would you train Barcelona or Real Madrid… if one day you saw you graduate from Arsenal?

R. Spain is my country. I’ve been away for many years and at some point it might be an option to come back to the league and get other experiences. but now…

Q: One last. Do you think you can actually admit that you are a better coach than you were as a player?

R. Ah, Saab. I’ve only been in this for four years and my goal is to be the best in the world, but not on an absolute personal level, but to be the best manager in the world for Arsenal, to help these players and this club be the best. Play better than anyone… and be able to win.

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