Premier League: Mendy denies rape, but admits it could have hurt women

B.Benjamin Mendy accused of Seven cases of rape and sexual assault and one attempted rape In his testimony, he denied the charges on which he is being tried. The Manchester City defender said the sex was always consensual and he did not rape or sexually assault any of the women. however, He admitted that he might have hurt them: “I realized that I could hurt women, even if they agreed.”

The French footballer explained at the trial how the relationship with the women was. “I was direct and quick to ask if they wanted sex, to avoid conversations and dates. The accused, Timothy Cray, asked that we both had what we wanted If it poses a danger to the woman And Mindy said the following, “No, never. In my social life, there are many things I’ve done wrong. But I’ve never done anything wrong with women.”

During the pandemic restrictions, Mendy used her rented apartment To hold parties and meetings with young women. And theThe French defender admitted it at the time His lifestyle was full of partying and “he was crazy and wasn’t thinking well”. When he was arrested and alone in prison, he “had time to think.”

The trial must continue and Mendy continues to deny all charges against him.

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