Premier League: Mbappe, Klopp’s old dream: ‘We love him, we are not blind’

Kylian Mbappe wants to leave PSG in January. The news was advanced by Brand Causes an earthquake in a football you wonder where the French star will end up. Two destinations appear on the horizon for the 2018 world champion: Real Madrid, Which he refused in May to renew until 2025 with the French club, and a Liverpool That he loved him and could not do his founding despite the fact that PSG did not see this option with bad eyes at the time. Now, nothing is impossible.


Mbappe and Liverpool.

An old wish from the club

In May, when Mbappe’s future was headed towards the Santiago Bernabeu, the German coach spoke about the Frenchman. “Of course we are interested. We love Killian, we are not blind. But we won’t sign him, we’re not in this fight”, pointed out the resigned Klopp. He tried ‘pool,’ but he couldn’t, as the Frenchman told Marca.

Of course we are interested in Mbapp. We love Killian, we are not blind. But we won’t sign him, we’re not in this fight

Jurgen Klopp, coach of Liverpool, in May

I spoke to Liverpool because of [el rojo] It is my mum’s favorite color and my mum loves Liverpool. why? I don’t know, ask her [Risas]. We met them a few years ago, when I was in Monaco, it’s a great club… Now we talk to them a little bit, but not too much… In the end it was between Real Madrid and PSG.” Mbappe admits. The only time he visited Merseyside (the group stage of the 2018-19 Champions League), Kylian scored a goal, spoke and hugged Klopp… but his team lost (3-2). His “Story” at Anfield may contain another chapter.

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Darwin Nez and a necessary coup

Liverpool are living their worst moment in the ‘Klopp era’. The “Reds” are in eleventh place, 14 points behind leaders Arsenal, and six from the Champions Zone, one game less. They’ve never started so badly as prime minister with the German. A crisis caused by injuries and poor performance of its main parts.

After Mann left for Bayern, Salah has barely two league goals and Jota, recovered from his illnesses, none. Luis Daz (three goals) is seriously injured and will not play until 2023 and the signing with Darwin Neese is yet to materialize. Uruguay ‘9’, the second most expensive deal in the history of the ‘Reds’ (75 ‘kg’), is in the process of acclimatization and barely scored two goals in the premier. Firmino, who started as the penultimate option, is the best performer (six goals). Mbappe would be a necessary blow to change the situation. You can revive any team.

How does Mbappe adapt to Liverpool?

In the last two games against Arsenal (defeat (3-2) and Rangers (win (2-0)) asLoeb put aside his trident and his classic 1-4-3-3 personality to choose 1-4-2-3-1 Which will suit all attackers. “We have to change. You never know if it’s the right time…but it must be done,” the German warned, denying MSF that led him to glory.

Klopp moved the tree by placing Luis Diaz on the left, Salah on the right, Jota in the midfield and Darwin at number ‘9’. In either system, the convenient Mbapp fits in from the left. There is Luis Diaz. And if Killian arrives at Anfield, Klopp will have to redirect his attack. The Frenchman does not like to play as the number 9 very much, as he has shown in recent weeks in Paris. A problem he would not have had on Merseyside with Darwin, which would “liberate” him. In addition, Liverpool’s style, with intense pressure, rhythm, pace and spaces to play on the open field as a flag, marry perfectly with their qualities.

Can Liverpool sign Mbappe financially?

The scene has changed. ‘Pool’ was interested in the 2021-22 season for Lampap who was terminating his contract with PSG and who would have arrived at Anfield for free. (or Real Madrid) after paying him a huge three-figure signing bonus. However, Killian renewed until 2025 with the Parisian team, and “taking him” out of the Princes’ Garden will not be so easy now.


In the event that PSG is open to sell him (very difficult at the moment WE HAVE IN BRAND) The signing could rise to more than 200 million euros if we stick to Real Madrid’s rejected offer in the summer of 2021 and the player’s market value (160 kilograms, according to ‘Transfermarkt’). This will be the most expensive transfer deal in history, beating Neymar 222. In addition, an astronomical salary must be added (50 million net annually and over 100 renewal installments) who – which We must assume that Liverpool in the last market (90 million) spent roughly the same income (81).

Certainly, Liverpool could buy Mbappe for more than 200 million, sign him to a five-year contract and pay him a high salary.

Kieran Maguire from “The Price of Football”

The “Reds” have the economic and television power that all of the prime minister’s greats must match their signature in financial fair play. “Surely they could buy Mbappe for more than 200 million, sign him to a five-year contract and pay his high salary. In addition, if they sell it two years after the end of their transfer period, they will take back a large part of the transfer process”, as Kieran Maguire, professor and head of the economic portal “Price of Football”, points out to MARCA: “It corresponds to fair play since they have a margin To win a lot in the English Premier League and the Champions League in recent years.” The “Reds” entered 116 “kilograms” in the last Champions League they were in runner-up And 172 million in the last English Premier League, where they were behind City. They have “money”.

Crazy duel with Haaland

Haaland, after signing with Manchester City and his colossal achievement in the English Premier League, is gaining the media and sports pulse of Lembab, who continues to compete in the French League. Championship the closest thing to Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo, who clashed for a decade in Barcelona and Real Madrid in the League. Erling’s City and Kylian’s “Pool” will take their pulse and the British Championship to another dimension.

“Paris Saint-Germain agreed to leave Mbappe in July … but not to Madrid”

Guardiola’s men won the 2019 and 2022 trophies by one point after a singles match with the ‘Reds’.. With Mbappe, Liverpool will be renewed to open a new era in football. The French is 23 and the Norwegian is 22. Both are set to fight for the world football title in the next 10 years. They will clash in the premier. Show.

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