Premier League: Mathieu Joseph, the Premier League’s newest Spanish sensation: “I knew this season was going to be important for me”

sStep onto the pitch at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with 49 on the back Joseph is on top of the apron, butIf I can next year, I will wear Mathieu JosephThe last Spanish sensation in the Prime Minister was born in Spain (Cantabria, 2003), started playing football in Escobedo de Camargo, He partnered with Pablo Toure at Racing’s youth academy and last week made his debut for Leeds’ first team in the Carabao Cup and in the Premier League.. Mateo Joseph Fernandez has everything to admire. A great name, great poetry, a means to achieving a goal, and above all, a desire to succeed.

Mathieu Joseph: “I knew this season was going to be important for me”

“In the 85th minute I went out to warm up and all of a sudden the coach said to me ‘Come on, come on. I wanted to show my abilities. I wasn’t nervous and I really wanted to,” he told MARCA For his first appearance in Prime Minister A few days after his dreams he left his business card in the biggest football spotlight in the world.

With the first shirt safely stored (“They repeated it to me several times “If it gets stuck, keep it” and after the game the same. I carry it with me and would like more shirts”), remember that first step onto the Premier Ground: “Look at the stadium, there were 60,000 people, I was lucky my parents were in the stadium… though. In the end, defeat means it is not the beginning of a dream.”

Mathieu Joseph, on his debut against Tottenham.

Mathieu Joseph, on his debut against Tottenham.image acquisition

Jesse Marsh, Leeds coach and the man who coached Haaland for 22 games propelled him to stardom at SalzburgShe left him an affectionate tweet at the end of the match: “It was a detail, it’s a club that pays close attention to youngsters, If you look at the past few seasons, a lot of them have debuted and stayedI am very grateful for this project, in the end it all comes out.”

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A football student…and outside of football

Because The choice of Leeds is not accidental. Matthew explains How did you leave Espanyol? And what was the process of choosing a new club to continue developing: “It was complicated because I went to Barcelona at the age of 13 without my family, I left many things behind and it was a difficult decision, But we saw that the renewal offer from Espanyol did not arrive We saw options and caught our attention Leeds Sports ProjectWhich was amazing. We’ve seen Leeds, many kids make their debuts and stay in the team and that’s why we stayed here.”

This is how Mateo Joseph, the last Spanish sensation of the Prime Minister, crushes

analytical in the future and present, He studies his training sessions and his strengths and weaknesses in his matches and still takes time for the race he is enrolled in.: “I will train in the morning, and when I finish college, I study Business Administration I see too Many training and match videos To see what I do well and to improve it.”

It’s a sub-league where you compete against players of the same age as you. It allows players of our time to develop better, it’s a great idea

Mathieu Joseph in the Premier League 2

“It’s a noticeable change. I’m fortunate that my parents’ family is from England and I didn’t have any complications with the languageSince I was little, they spoke to me in English and this weighed on me. The club is also very familiar, both the club workers and my colleagues have welcomed me and looked after me, as well as the first team,” he says of his adaptation to England. Mateo landed on his feet at a club living Spanish fever, with Joel Robles, Marc Roca, Diego Llorente and Rodrigo Moreno.: “It is a help, both the Spaniards and the others are very good people, everyone has helped me a lot”.

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It also helps in their development and calculation The regulation of the lower classes in England. Unlike Spanish football, where kids are released to compete with (much) older and more experienced people, Premier has a different style: “It’s a league of subs in which you compete with players of your own age. It allows players of our time to develop better, it’s a great ideaYou’re playing against great teams.” You take this course Eleven goals in eight matches in that Premier League 2 and another in the Premier League Cup, added twelve official goals to the one he scored in pre-season. With the first team against Blackpool. A great start to the course which earned him a call from Marsh: “Since the end of last season I knew this was very important, to pay off the trust which was placed upon me in January and upon me personally. I’m very happy because You can see all the work I’ve been doing And I really want to keep getting better.”

Supported by the analysis, nutrition and advice team

Not only is the competition in England different, but also in training he found himself with different requirements than his Spanish clubs: “Here it’s more physical, The training methodology is more physical, they demand a lot from you and in Spain it was more technical. I noticed a little difference there, but I didn’t find it hard because I knew it and I was working towards it.I’m fast forward, strong, love going to space. I have no problem coming to receive the wing or falling on it, but I love going into space and showing my speed. I still have a lot to improve, even at the things I’m good at, and I really want to work and keep growing.”

Mathieu Joseph vs Adama in the League Cup duel.

Mathieu Joseph vs Adama in the League Cup duel.image acquisition

The World Cup break will do what has been achieved, because “it’s hard to take in, I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in the cup and in the Premier League which is something I’ve dreamed of since I was young.This is for all the work I’ve been doing since I was little”, but also to follow his constant process of analysis and improvement: “I have a good team behind me, both in analysis and in nutrition and I will take advantage of this time to improve”.

And he also has the best support. Despite a lot of technical staff, a lot of analytics staff and a lot of (good) people keeping an eye on him, no one takes care of a 19-year-old boy like you do: “I went to live with my mother in England and it helped me a lot in terms of feeding…and living more calmly“.

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