Premier League: ‘Master Loss’: Antonio Conte, the ‘extremely successful’ coach who always leaves through the back door

Antonio Conte is undoubtedly one of the best and most successful coaches of the last decade. His record does not deceive: he took Bari back to the First Division, He collected three ‘Scudetti’ and two Italian Super Cups with Juventus, and once won the Premier League and the FA Cup with Chelsea. And he led Inter to restore the Scudetto after 11 years!!!

However, it has been proven The same facility to make Teams in Crisis heroes as if they were leaving through the back door. His controversial outbursts and his “farewell to the bullfighter” They make him a “Master of Loss” and complicate his future as a trainer in the “Super Elite”. Below we review his most famous episodes:

Conte explodes against his team: “I see selfish players who don’t want to help themselves”


Antonio Conte was a “sacred b&b” for Juventus as a player. He played nearly 300 matches between 1991 and 2004 and won, among many other trophies, five league championships and the UEFA Champions League. In 2011 he returned to Turin as coach of the “Vecchia Signora” who were touring in Serie A – he had finished 7th – after their painful relegation to B position due to “Moggigate”.

Conte signed Vidal and Pirlo, among others, and He built the “skeleton” of the champion team that won nine consecutive “Scudetti”. With Allegri, he has already reached the Champions League final twice. 1-3-5-2, backed by the BBBC (Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini) became “sacred and clini”.

However, on July 15, 2014, all of a sudden, he said “ciao.” He had just renewed and broke the points record (102) in Serie A, But differences regarding transfer policy saw him “take the one for Villadiego” hours after the start of pre-season training. His departure caused a fact

“I had some feelings that led me to this decision. Winning is difficult. It takes a lot of effort and more in a society like Juventus Where the obligation of victory over other teams is given. However, I showed that I am a winner,” Conte confirmed in his farewell.

I had some feelings that led me to this decision

Anthony Conte

Its production fell like a “jug of cold water” on Vinovo. “The news saddens me, but in the face of personal feelings and reasons, the president has to take a step back. At the time, Andrea Agnelli said, “We’re going to start over from scratch, with a talented and professional group.”

The news saddens me, but in the face of personal feelings and reasons, the boss also has to take a step back.

Andrea Agnelli


Conte signed for Chelsea in 2016, after eliminating Spain and leading Italy to the quarter-finals of the European Cup. The Blues came in at No. 10, their worst premiership since 1996, Just as he achieved at Juventus, he had an obligation to “re-create” a champion team.

He achieved it, as in his role, in his first season and with a 1-3-4-2-1 as a “header scheme”. Chelsea controlled the Premier with an “iron fist” and were declared champions With a team led by Hazard, Kant, Courtois, Azpilicueta, Cesc, Pedro Diego Costa…

The stalemate and foundations laid in his first track at Stamford Bridge caused this Chelsea will win the 2017-18 FA Cup … with a “broken” dressing room. A nerd wherever they are, Conte starred Several confrontations with Diego Costa, he even managed to separate him from calls.

Conte’s lack of a left hand, despite being a footballer, added to the tension with his players. He wanted to reach out and change everything, including the schedules, which created certain friction points and ended up breaking rope.

Again, his departure was not easy. Chelsea are back in business with their coach Conte officially. Of course, he wasn’t seen during pre-season… because they were negotiating his settlement, which was finally resolved in court and amounted to nearly €30m. “The Blues,” with July already advancing, They announced the departure of Conte and the signing of Maurizio Sarri.

“During Conte’s time, we won the sixth league and the eighth FA Cup. In the winning season, the club achieved a record 30 victories in 38 days of the Premier League. “We wish him all the best in his future career,” said Chelsea.

His signature “The Boycott” by Real Madrid

Before returning to find lodging on a bench, Antonio Conte was close to becoming a Real Madrid coach. At the very least, there has been speculation about his potential signing. It was in October 2018, as soon as Julen Lopetegui’s dismissal was announced.

Sergio Ramos: “We’re going home”

Real Madrid was looking for a coach with a “strong hand” on the “Mourinho style”. However, his fame as a “whip coach” ended up thwarting his establishment. Respect is earned, not imposed. There are the coaches with whom we won titles. Managing the dressing room is more important than knowing the coach.He reassured Sergio Ramos when asked about the possibility of Conte’s arrival.

number? Respect is earned, not imposed. Managing the dressing room is more important than knowing the coach

Sergio Ramos

Conte, after Solari’s appointment, responded to Ramos on Rai Sport:“When a coach comes to a team, he should bring education and respect, which is also expected of the players. And when this fails, problems begin.”


Inter and, more specifically, ‘Beppe’ Marotta, whom he had already met at ‘Vecchia Signora’, They turned to Conte in 2019 to win back the ‘scudetto’ that had resisted them since 2010. This time was not the first, but the second, when winning series a Thus ending a cycle of nine consecutive titles for Juventus which he himself started in 2011.

Upon his arrival, he said: “I consider myself a great professional and I am, of course, the first great player in Inter’ tifuso.’ That’s right, and he added: “When you start a path, you need patience. Sometimes you win and you really destroy. I’m not a magician, there’s a big gap to fill.”

When you start a road, you need patience. Sometimes you win and you actually destroy I’m no magician, there’s a huge gap to fill

Anthony Conti

However, he managed to bridge the “gap”. It helped, yes, Inter’s ambitious transfer policy: Lukaku, Achraf, Barella, Vidal, Alexis … Along the way, little by little, he moved away from his “friend” Juventus. “Speak now, you fool …”, I snapped my face at Agnelli, comb, having thrown them out of the “Coppa”.

Tension after Juventus – Inter: Agnelli and Conte comb and insult each other

But, with Conte, everything that begins has an end, rather soon. After his second season in Milan, with the “Scudetto,” he said, “We arrived.” Inter planned to make money – and did – with Lukaku, Achraf, and The Italian coach does not share this “reflection” in the project.

“The whole club wants to thank Antonio for the extraordinary job he has done, which It was crowned with the “Scudetto” nineteenth victory. Conte will remain in history forever. The opposite of the “Nerazuri” statement.

Conte was more direct, less “courteous”: “At Inter, a lot of effort went into the two years I spent the Scudetto. We managed to break Juve’s hegemony Which was crowned with joy at the result achieved, But also in the great disappointment because of the change of plans and views that led to the separation.

We managed to break Juve’s hegemony but I was deeply disappointed by the change of plans and perspectives that led to our separation.

Anthony Conte


Antonio Conte was once again seen without a squad. “I needed to disconnect,” he says. However, in November 2021, after the sacking of Nuno Espirito Santo, he was approached by Tottenham Through Fabio Paratici, with whom he had already worked at Juventus.

“Only the magic of the Premier League can convince me to return to club management. “Inter is my masterpiece, but Tottenham is my biggest challenge.” Recognized by “La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

Inter is my masterpiece but Tottenham is my biggest challenge

Anthony Conte

A challenge that lasted only a short time. Tottenham were ninth when Conte took over and the former Juventus, Chelsea and Inter He managed to get into the UEFA Champions League in his first season. Now he leaves with the fourth team, in the “Champions Zone”, but with The “self-destructive” trend that endangered the final period of the season.

Indeed, Conte seemed ready to promote his dismissal. El-Gawahry’s press conference after a draw with Southampton (3-3) -they were winning 1-3- It sounded like an invitation to be fired.

“The problem is that we have shown that we are not a team. I see selfish players. This is the history of Tottenham. The owner has been here for 20 years and they haven’t earned anything. Why?was released, among many other “pearls”.

Conte explodes against his team: “I see selfish players who don’t want to help themselves”

The official announcement took a few days, but it’s official: Antonio Conte is no longer Tottenham’s manager.

“We have 10 matches left in the Premier League and we have on our hands a place in the Champions League. We need to all be united. Everyone has to step up to ensure the best possible result for our club and our fans.”The owner, Daniel Levy, recalled the climate of tension that was inhaled in Spear’s dressing room.

We need to all be united. Everyone must step forward to ensure the best possible outcome for our club and our fans.

Daniel Levy

curiously, Being Conte’s assistant, Christian Stellini, who will take charge of the team on a temporary basis until the end of the season With Ryan Mason. The latter, a former Tottenham footballer, actually took the reins of the team after Mourinho was fired.

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