Premier League: Marc Rocca: “Reading and meditating helps me focus on every game”

Mark Roca Junko (Vilafranca del Peneds, 1996) Very comfortable in Leeds. “They tell me that the sun doesn’t rise much, that there is a lot of wind, but we always talk about California because the sun shines every day. It seems like we’re in Barcelona! I love Leeds,” the Spaniard jokes. media in the program Brand Fish & Twitch. You feel at home.

ask. How much mistake did sporting director Victor Orta make in his signature?

Answer. It was important when making the decision. I saw how he understood football and his style, and his ideas suited me… It was important for me to see that he believed in me. Although there are some clubs in LaLiga, the salary limit means that it has not been met. And Leeds emerged with a proposal to grow up together. It’s one of the best decisions of my career. personal challenge.

Q. A radical change after two seasons without a major prominence in Bayern…

R was found. Everything is a process. He spent in Munich two campaigns of brutal growth, great work in the shadows and an apprenticeship. I didn’t get to play much, but I left Bayern with my head held high. Not everyone can say they wore this shirt. I’m proud to know that I did well when I played. I left happy.

P. How is this to be a replacement and not decay?

R was found. Not playing is very difficult. It’s tough when you’re giving your best and you’re faced with situations that don’t depend on you. For this, strength of discipline is essential. Things should be clear and you should be prepared. As a professional, you also get paid for the hard times, in exchange for being ostracized. But if you work, you will have the opportunity.

At Bayern I didn’t play much, but it was huge growth

Leeds midfielder Mark Rocca

Q: How important is mental health to you?

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R was found. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to focus and be disciplined in my work, and I’m pretty clear that whatever depends on me I have to do 100%. I like to be quiet. Reading and meditating helps me stay focused in every practice and game.

P. In addition, you have a coach and physiotherapist who travel to Leeds every week…

R was found. They usually come Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and we train and deal with each other and focus on the game. They helped me prepare better. The speed and intensity required by the premier are important and individual physical work is key.

P. Is the Premier League more difficult than the League and the Bundesliga?

R was found. I really enjoyed playing Espanyol in La Liga, which is more tactical and technical. Everyone tries to be champions with the ball. The Bundesliga is more direct and first from square to square. Very fast and dynamic which is the point above in the physical. The teams are very good and they are the most competitive.

P. Xabi Alonso also played in the three major tournaments…

R was found. I really love football. How he led the midfield! He was good defensively and offensively, playing short and long…

sell me Leeds Phillips and Ravenha…but they compete. They have already beaten Chelsea (3-0) and “pool” (1-2). What is your goal?

R was found. Orta always says that good selling grows. The signings are good and we are a hungry young team. Leeds is a sleeping giant from which we gradually wake up.

Q: Have you already experienced Mars’ Punishment Roulette?

R was found. When we play a game, we bet we will clean our car. And both times I washed it [sonre]. It is very interesting to work with Marsh. You can not relax, there is a lot of intensity. It is pure emotion.

Q: Do you think Rodrygo and Diego Llorente will go to the World Cup?

R was found. Hope they are on the list. They are excellent fellows and top professionals who do very well. They helped me a lot to adapt and I would be happy for them.

Leeds is a sleeping giant from which we slowly wake up

Marc Rocca, Leeds midfielder

Q: Elland Road also covers soccer player a lot…

R was found. They always win or lose. It’s something I really love about English football. They are very loyal and in Spain we have to learn that a player always goes out to give his best, to win for everyone. With us we are stronger.

Q: Outside of Leeds. Are you amazed at the level of your former teammate Chubu Moting?

R was found. No, because I saw him train every day. I’ve been with him for two years and I know what kind of player he is. Before him was Lewandowski! But he is a striker who has all the records: fast, strong, good technically… They have a goal and they shoot with both legs. I know how talented he is and I’m glad he’s doing a good job because he’s an excellent person and I admire him a lot.

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