Premier League: Manchester United’s astronomical salaries are out of reach and Liverpool are already eclipsing City

There is no doubt that the economic potential of the Premier League. This is evidenced by their clubs’ transfer markets, the windows in which they pay real millions to sign players. Also in The astronomical contracts that football players are “tied” to.

The Times published a newspaper Economic data One of the main teams in the competition in terms of wages this means. And there is one that stands out above the rest. Nobody pays players more than Manchester United.

More than 430 million

According to that information, Red Devils They will have set aside some last season 432.5 million euros in salaries and will lead the ranking. from behind, LiverpoolWhat do you do? 412.1 kilosat the same time Manchester city She closed out the podium, finishing third in this particular standings at a cost of $100 398.7 million euros.

he spursfor his part, destined 235.3 millionat the same time Arsenalthe current leader of the competition, spent 232. As for Chelseathe data they mention from 374.9although they make it clear that they are referring to the numbers 20 to 21, because the numbers 21 to 22 are not known yet

Liverpool is growing… 75%!

As for Increase economic power Highlights Liverpoolthat has grown in terms of wages, 75% compared to 2017from 234.2 million It was estimated that football players in that season would be paid to 412.1 Which I spent on 21-22.

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