Premier League: Manchester United war with ‘lies’ to ‘humiliate’ Cristiano Ronaldo and ‘harm’ with his release

sAyers Morgan, a columnist for The Sun newspaper which has nearly eight million Twitter followers, deplores Manchester United’s campaign to discredit. Cristiano Ronaldo at the time of get out of the market.

‘SunSport’ ensures that ‘Cristiano has no allies at the club and can never play in a United shirt again’ and that ‘Manchester United may allow CR7 to leave in January’ despite not having to make a bid for the 37-year-old Portuguese striker.

The supposed lack of interest in signing Cristiano in the winter market, according to Piers Morgan, is due to the fact that “Manchester United management leaks lies to harm Cristiano Ronaldo”.

Piers Morgan defends Cristiano Ronaldo’s commitment to Manchester United, remembering that last summer CR7 rejected a millionaire’s €130 million bid from Saudi football.

Columnist fired darts at Erik Ten Hag appointed as new Manchester United coachwho accuses him ‘Deliberately humiliated’ to Christian.

Have Hag try to lecture Cristiano about standards and values ​​when he’s on purpose to humiliate him… What a joke! One of them was the best footballer ever… and the other was an amazing player

Piers Morgan

“Teen Hag tries to lecture Cristiano about standards and values ​​when he intentionally humiliates him… What a joke! One is the best footballer of all time and a champion in four countries… The other was a stupid player who, as a coach, barely won a fight out Holland “.

I think the collective disrespect towards Cristiano from his manager and so many Manchester United fans after all he did for their club is shameful.

Piers Morgan

“I think the collective lack of respect for Cristiano on the part of his manager and many Manchester United fans after all he has done for his club is shameful,” Morgan said.

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