Premier League: Luis Enrique travels to London to meet Chelsea

sYou pop up Luis Enrique signed a power of attorney for people he trusted to search for their destiny In the Premier League for next season, but everything has been rushed. His initial idea was nothing else, as he admitted in his interview with Sir, that Project start next season. But the A surprise appearance for Chelsea Everything has changed. In this case Even de la PaThe one who becomes his official agent is the one who assists him in the above process.

Gerard Romero It was reported early Wednesday that the former Spanish coach was Travel to London to close Join the London Club Accompanied by Even de la Peña.

MARCA is in a position to confirm this Option to sit on the bench at the Santiago Bernabeu with the Chelsea Shield It’s more than just a hypothesis. It all depends on the hadeeth and rIonine with Todd Bohlepresident of the club and has a very particular idea of ​​what football is.

Quality team

The truth is that Chelsea is in End in the Premier Leaguebut with all Options in the Champions Leaguewith Real Madrid as the enemy in Quarterfinals. Signatures held in the winter market and presence competitive model It was the catalyst that pushed Luis Enrique to Listen to the suggestion And study what you have to get on the train this season and take the position on the bench.

Luis Enrique I wanted to continue working in the Spanish teamBut he had no choice to do so. After a period of consideration, he decided to take the step forward and it seemed that he had already found a possible destination.

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