Premier League: Lopetegui: “There are many legends about style”

Julen Lopetegui (Asteasu, Guipúzcoa, 1966) He had been waiting for over a month to make his debut for Wolves. The World Cup postponed premiere arrives today against Gillingham in the Carabao Cup round of 16, but first, at the Marbella Football Centre, the former Sevilla man set the legs of Wolves to escape relegation. “You have to face every match as if it were your last,” he admitted to Marca. It’s your time.

Requests. Why “wolves” and why the prime minister?

Answer. The prime minister has been a target for a long time. I had the opportunity to go several times, but it was not done due to personal circumstances. We thought we would stop and recycle after three very intense and beautiful years in Seville, but circumstances have changed and an exciting project has emerged. A team in a complicated situation, but with great potential that bet on us very hard. We believe in the project and have jumped on it to change a situation that will not be easy.

We believe in the Wolverhampton Project and have jumped into it to turn a situation around that won’t be easy

Julen Lopetegui, Wolverhampton coach

Q: Did you want to go out and work outside of Spain?

R was found. I already trained in Porto, but I wanted to go to the Prime Minister, and nowhere. It is the league we all want to be in or have the chance to live in at some point. It’s a great place to work and we’re where we want to be.

Pep, Arteta, Emery… Spain’s victory in the premiership. Do technicians dream of calmness in the work that is found in “football”?

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R was found. Calm no longer exists for coaches in any competition [sonríe]. It is an exceptional league, incredibly well organized, with a global reach and economic capacity beyond any other league and amazing internal organization across all teams. We are surprised.

Q: Was it a ‘reset’ after everything that happened in Sevilla?

R was found. A “reset” happens when you are turned off, but this is a new project that we take on to the fullest, with enthusiasm, desire, ambition and motivation. Being able to lead a team in another country, in another culture and language, is a valuable personal challenge. Although you have to be competitive, which is the point.

Q: Is your departure from Sevilla, after winning the Europa League, part of the past?

R was found. It was a great trip, the best in the history of Sevilla at the league level. I named the Europa League, which is important, but I almost stayed with the fourth three in a row. It has not been done before. He had a lot of merit being merged with the Europa League. It was an amazing three years in which we gave our best.

Q: They are bottom of the table, four points from safety, have gone five games without winning and are the team with the fewest goals scored in the Premier League (8). Plus, they fit a lot (24 goals). How do you change this dynamic?

R was found. Convince the boys that they have much more ability. We will also try to improve the team in the January market – being (Atlético) close -. The groups are built backwards. You must be solid.

We played well in places with less injury. We have to improve our performance in areas, although defense is the most important. From there, more damage is done. It’s not easy. There is a lot of equality in the premiership. There are 12 teams of equal level.

I love to own the ball, but there are many myths about style

Julen Lopetegui, Wolverhampton coach

Q: Is the style non-negotiable?

R was found. There are many myths about the style and very few people delve into it. I like to have the ball, but if I don’t have it, I also want to be able to hurt my opponent and defend myself well. There are times when you can get it and other times you are able to seek the initiative without the ball. When we have spaces we’re going to attack them and we’re going to be vertical and when we don’t we’re going to create them. Everything is focused on defensive security, especially in our current situation.

Q: In “Wolves” there are 10 Portuguese. Did that help you adapt?

R was found. There are many that I have coached, but we also want to give the team a British flavor. Changing rooms need a bit of identity from where they are located. There are also Spaniards, Mexicans, Englishmen… different nationalities that we want to unite to be a united and solid team.

Q: Is the project most exciting to you from Madrid?

R was found. No, every one generates a barbaric delusion in me. It was also Sevilla and “Wolves” in difficult circumstances and harsh responsibility. Every challenge is the most important.

Q: As a former coach. How did you see Spain?

R was found. I didn’t get to see a lot of World Cup matches, but it was confirmation of great equality. In some debates the difficulties of the opponents are undervalued, but that is no longer the case. Any team can hurt you, they have players in the big leagues who are good tactically.

Q: How do you rate de la Fuente’s access to selection?

R was found. We met at Ittihad and I know him well. He’s a great guy and a very good coach who did a great job in the youth ranks. She deserves the chance. He is ready and I am convinced he will do well.

Q: Are you a football fan with a stopped watch?

R was found. no. Innovations are good in football, but I’m not in favor of touching it too much because you can transfer it to another sport. You have to describe the “little things”. For me, the main positive change in recent years has been the five substitutions, necessary and logical given the awful calendar they’ve put out between FIFA and UEFA… It was something inevitable. And using VAR well is a powerful tool.

Diego Costa is working hard to come back.

Diego Costa, Johnny Otto, Adama Traore and Hugo Bueno They are the four Spaniards from Wolverhampton. The “Armada” that Lopetegui knows well, especially Costa, who bet on him in a selection he played with and without “9”. “I’ve played without a striker position several times, like in the match we won with Spain against Italy (3-0 at the Bernabéu with an exhibition by Isco). The story is told as it ends. If you lose, that’s the problem.. We’ll choose the best in case. Diego, he’s been out of competition in football for a while, but he’s come back in very good style. Sometimes it’s not easy to come back, but he’s trying with all his might. We’ll help him achieve it. He’s working hard and I hope he gets it, because it will be good for everyone.”

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