Premier League: Lopetegui saves himself in the last minute in his first encounter with Emery in the Premier League.

Unai Emery and Julen Lopetegui They saw each other’s faces for the first time since they arrived on the islands. Lopetegui’s Wolves scored first thanks to a Daniel Podence goal And in general they were better in the first half. But, The second part was clear from Birminghamwhich is equivalent to f He had a stunning chance in the 94th minute with a Leon Bailey boot. In the end, the result of the glasses.

Danny Ings, who scored the first goal for the “bastards”, picked up a loose ball in his own court for the Jamaican forward to shoot long. Bailey had enough experience to avoid the false start of the “Lobos” goalkeeper, however He threw the ball into the side of the net with a practically empty goal. Only Max Kellman was on the way back, but Bailey arrived lopsided at the time of the blow.

Draw and thank you

The match ended with this action and the Villa player lay face down, lamenting almost until the final whistle. The draw leaves Lopetegui’s men in the relegation positions The Emery team settles in the central region.

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