Premier League: Lo Celso stands out at the ‘new’ Tottenham…with many ‘girlfriends’ on the market

Gio Lo Celso stands out in Tottenham preparations… But with a focus on the market that makes it the focus of many teams. The Argentine player has many ballots to leave before the summer is over and teams don’t stop looking at their pre-season friendlies.

in the first match, against West Ham (2-3), The Argentine created two chances, achieved a 91% passing success rate, opened the team’s pre-season with the first goal of the match and finished scoring twice on goal. Full access.

BrandGiven the possibility of him leaving the England national team, he has confirmed interest from several teams:

BetisHe was already in Seville and left a good taste in his mouth. Verdiblanco’s team is looking for a way to bring him back.

Aston Villa: Munshi and Emery are fully aware of his situation. The Basques know him well from his last stay at Villarreal 22-23.

Naples: They envision it as strengthening the class to continue fighting for the first division. He will be joined by Gio Simeone, his colleague in the Argentine national team.

Barcelona: Xavi is a big supporter of him and he loves him very much. Gundogan’s arrival wouldn’t be a problem, but Pará isn’t overflowing with euros.

spurs: The new coach, Postecoglu, is betting on flashy football and possession. He is testing the Argentine and depending on his performance and his compatibility with his idea, he could even count on him as a midfielder. His residence in London is not excluded.

Geo is loose on the market and some clubs have their eyes on it.

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