Premier League: Liverpool punish spontaneous player for life who almost injured Robertson

Dr..During the 88-minute match between Liverpool and Manchester United, a surreal situation occurred at Anfield. when Roberto Firmino He scored the seventh goal for the “Reds”, during the celebration a small mishap occurred: one of the fans jumped on the grass and wanted to be part of the celebration of his idols before the historic strike he made Liverpool He supported United.

But this step could not be worse for our hero. With bad luck on his side, the vassal in question accidentally slipped and hit him Andrew Robertsonwho remained lying on the ground holding his ankle in pain gestures while the security forces pulled the “assaulter” Enfield. Luckily, Scottish side He was able to continue the game without problems.

Klopp, angry

The German coach reacted angrily to this situation. club It cannot be tolerated that a fan entered the field of play to “knock on” Andrew Robertson. Faced with this embarrassing situation, when the fan was taken away by the local authorities, club I lost my mind and stood in front of the fan with angry gestures.

Liverpool measures

With a statement, Liverpool expressed its investigation to determine the identity of the author of this situation. The club said: “Resorting to official sanctions,” and that: “These actions are dangerous and illegal and have serious consequences.” In addition, the club in its statement issued the possibility of expelling the fan from him Anfield and all stadiums in the English Premier LeagueForever.

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