Premier League: Lisandro is nominated for United’s Player of the Year award… despite his injury

Manchester United have already confirmed their qualification for the next Champions League Several factors contributed to this, among them the wisdom of his coach Ten Hag in supporting the ‘ship’ in troubled times. Other factors include Rashford’s career (30 goals in total), Casemiro’s rapid rise, and De Gea’s overall performance, despite some blunders…

But these days in Manchester Argentine Lisandro Martinez’s performance until his injury, One of the best defenders in the Premier League until he was injured in April in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-final against Sevilla at Old Trafford. He suffered a sudden fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot.

Since the arrival of the Argentine last summer, the “Red Devils” have regained their defensive strength. So much so that “Licha”, despite his absence, is a strong candidate for the “Player of the Year” award for the English club, although he has strong competitors, especially Rashford.

Ten Hag, his main supporter and the person who made him explode in football at Ajax, didn’t hesitate for a second in hiring him for a very popular defense shooter, but he was unsolved. Together with Raphael Varane, the guy from Gualeguay became De Gea’s benefactor.

The defensive strength of ‘6’ was not only highlighted in the local press in Manchester, but also His handling of the ball has a success rate of 87.6%. In purely defensive terms, the Entre Ríos front stands out…and a lot. Until the time of his injury, he led the lists for games won (179), interceptions (49) and recoveries (267).

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The campaign he and his team-mates put United back into the European Cup, as well as fighting for trophies, something that hasn’t happened since 2017. Ten Hag’s men won the Carabao Cup in February and The FA Cup is played against the mighty Guardiola June 3 next. Lesandro will miss her. For next season, and she’s already established as a fan favorite, ‘Licha’ is working hard on her recovery. Lesandro will enter again.

Meanwhile, his name is among Favorite for the prestigious ‘Sir Matt Busby’ award, as voted by United fans. The statuette, which depicts the famous Scottish coach, is not an award fans take lightly. Since 1987, legends like Cantona, Kane, Giggs, Van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo or Rooney, among others, have been honored by their fans.

But rarely has the winner been a defenseman. To be more specific, Only four defenders have the trophy in their showcases. Gary Balestre, Vidic, Shaw and the idol of Lesandro himself, Gabriel Heinz, this is the only Argentine in history to win the title.

Lisandro convinced everyone. Jamie Carragher himself, the current commentator and former Liverpool midfielder, criticized Lisandro when Martinez arrived in Manchester. His central questionable lyrics only because of his height (“I won’t be able to perform at the premier”) They made a lot of noise, although the initial criticism was in the minority, and as the days passed the praise multiplied, from Van Dijk to Rio Ferdinand, passing through Vidic, Rojo or his coach.

So much so, that a few weeks ago, Carragher himself had to sing “mea culpa” and admit it Lisandro was a competition sensation: “Lisandro is a warrior, he’s a leader And if I talk about the backbone of the team, it’s core. I was wrong.”

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