Premier League: Lieutenant O’Neill reigns supreme at Bournemouth

Something has changed in Bournemouth in recent weeks. Breathe in a different atmosphere in this charming town in the south of England, which has great beaches and is known by many as the “California of Europe”. And it is that the city club (which, by the way, will soon be bought by American billionaire Bill Foley) Take a final deep breath at the Premier League, the elite in English football and to which this cycle is back.

Five consecutive games which is said soon, streak without losing ‘Cherry’, They are eighth in the league and they came from a 2-1 win over Leicester last day. With return included.

A series that has nothing to do with those three successive resounding defeats that the team suffered just two months ago. First, Manchester City believed them 4-0. Then came a painful 0-3 result at home to Arsenal.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the devastating 9-0 result that the “Cherry” took from Liverpool, in a confrontation they lost 5-0 in the first half. A result that prompted the club’s board of directors to dispense with Scott Parker, Legendary player and manager the prime minister who brought Bournemouth back to the elite, in a decision not shared by many fans. At least in the beginning.

temporary treatment

So, while searching for an alternative to Parker, The club put Gary O’Neill in his place, One of the dismissed assistant coaches and a famous face in English football: As a footballer, he has played more than 200 matches in the Premier.

At first, technician He will take charge of the club on a temporary and temporary basis, during the time the entity is looking for a new coachor. But O’Neill, who was having his first life experience as a head coach, was clear that he could do so much more.

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Eleven Men from Bournemouth with Gary O’Neill

He took the job, got to work…and since arriving on the bench, Bournemouth hasn’t lost again. Five Premier League matches, two wins (2-1 over Leicester and 2-3 over Nottingham Forest), three draws (0-0 with Wolverhampton and Brentford and 1-1 against Newcastle). Two clean sheets and only four goals concededwith the team in the top half of the table and only three points from Europe. Lots of arguments for its continuity.

And that’s what O’Neill has shown since his arrival. In his first match against Wolverhampton, goalkeeper Mark Travers, fan icon, and Neto, the former Barcelona player, was put under the sticks. The team did not concede any goal.

Meanwhile, it has given Philip Billing, Louis Cook and Dom Solanke a lot of self-confidence.They are all key players in Bournemouth’s return to the Premier League, but they had a somewhat muddled start to the season. And they responded wonderfully: Billing has three goals, Solanke has once again been the “cherry” reference at the spearhead and Cook is, along with Jefferson Lerma, the primary mover for the Dorset team.

In this month and a half, the new coach took charge of the team, Bournemouth built more defensively, and finished adopting an intense and compact style, pero is where the “cherry” moves like fish in the water.

They are the least-owning team in the entire PM (average 37%) andAlso the person who shoots the least on goal (a total of 61 shots, far ahead of Crystal Palace, the second on this list, with 88) and the third with the fewest crosses in the penalty area: 109, compared to 95 for Manchester United and 92 with Palace. However, as you can see, the South England team knows how to capitalize on any game.

challenge accepted

At the club, as things stand, their new manager is delighted. “We haven’t lost since his arrival. He gives us a lot of confidence, he’s a great coach and we don’t consider him temporary. I hope he stays with us for a long time”, This week he noticed right-hander Ryan Fredericks, who barely counted for Parker but secured a spot with O’Neal.

We haven’t lost since you arrived. He gives us a lot of confidence, he’s a great coach and we don’t see him temporarily. Hope you stay with us for a long time

Ryan Fredericks

The technician himself, for his part, prefers to go day in and day out. “I don’t think about the future. I just know I’ve been preparing for it for nine years. I want to be a coach.”stated a few days ago. Clear water. Incidentally, this Saturday the coach will seek to maintain his unbeaten record against Fulham. However, the surprise continues in the Premier League.

We haven’t lost since you arrived. He gives us a lot of confidence, he’s a great coach and we don’t see him temporarily. Hope you stay with us for a long time

Gary O’Neill

25 years ago, it was released in theaters around the world “Lieutenant O’Neill”, The Ridley Scott movie that tells the story of Jordan O’Neill, the most conscientious and quarrelsome womanPlayed by Demi Moore, Her goal was to prove that she could become the first woman to enter the Marine Corps of the United States Army.

Now, Gary O’Neill, Lieutenant O’Neill, He takes over to show everyone that he has accepted him The challenge of keeping Bournemouth in the Premier League. For now, check out more…

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