Premier League: Levi Colwell, Pochettino’s secret trump to defend Chelsea

Levi Lemar Samuels-Colwell (Southampton, 2-26-2003) was on the verge of going from hero to villain. The centre-back took the penalty missed by Abel Ruiz that could have prevented England from winning the European Under-21 Championship.

Europe 21 (final): summary and goals of England 1-0 Spain

Trafford’s extra-time save avoided substituting Colwell, who, up to that point, had He completed EUR almost flawlessly. your competition It was necessary for England to finish the tournament without conceding a goal. He played all (450) except for the match against Germany, with Lee Carsley’s men already ranked in the quarterfinals.

“I get a lot of compliments, which is good, but I make mistakes that not everyone notices.. It’s nice to be the center of attention, but I could have done so much better.”

Chelsea refused 35 kilos from Brighton

The European has reassessed himself after his stellar season in the Premier League (debut) with Brighton. Brighton themselves tried to finalize his transfer before they were declared European Under-21 champions…but Chelsea rejected an offer of about 35 million euros.

Liverpool were also interested in a transfer, but Colwell, who was formed as an extremist, The secret ingredient to Chelsea’s new defense could become Pochettino. “He’s a Chelsea player and in recent months he’s done really well at Brighton. I’ll talk to him when he arrives next week,” Coach Blue admitted.

He’s a Chelsea player and in recent months he’s done really well at Brighton

Mauricio Pochettino

The arrival of Roberto De Zerbi – he had started as a substitute with Potter – lifted football to a new dimension. “I would like to work with him for 2-3-4 years because it is difficult to find a left-wing centre-back of his quality. It has improved a lot this year, but there is still room for improvement. I hope he can stay with us.”

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The compliments are reciprocated. “Training with De Zerbi is very difficult, but that’s what every player needs. It helped me realize what it takes to be the best. Always search for perfection.” Says the defender, who entered the Chelsea academy at the age of nine.

How does he play?

Colwell, though central He can also play on the left side- He stands out, above all, for his ability to get the ball out from behind. “Stats Bomb” even dared to compare him, in this sense, with Virgil van Dyck (graph).

skill with the ball He already showed last season on his loan to Huddersfield Town, With those who remained on the verge of ascending to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. “To be one of the most important English central defenders in the future. I see a player with great potential and great personality”, his manager admitted at the time, Spaniard Carlos Corburn.

“Fbref” well reflects Colwill’s power with the ball. The former Brighton player ranks at the 93rd percentile among defenders Produces more moves per game (1.33) ending in shots. He forms well and has a wide passing range – he knows how to play long. It has a great success rate for deliveries: 88.2%. Likes to take risks and filter passes. Complete an average of 5.16 progressive passes – they travel at least 9 meters forward – per match.

His height – 1.87m – and jumping ability also make him a powerful defender in aerial duels. He earns an average of 3.32 per game, which puts him in the 95th percentile among the five major leagues.

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If with the ball he is a modern central defender, then without the ball he is “made in” England. It has an athletic profile, but it’s not overly fast.. De Zerbi likes to take risks and play up front and Colwell quickly struggles with balls behind his back.

On the other hand, defending close to the area, he finds himself a “fish in water”. take up a lot of space. It has an “agonist” profile. He lives on the edge and usually appears at the last minute to deflect/block opponents’ quick shots.

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