Premier League: Latest hints of Manchester United with Maguire… taking off his captaincy

theout of place Old Trafford’s Harry Maguire is approaching. relationship with You have a pilgrim He has never been so good. Since the Dutchman arrived on the Mancunian bench, the centre-back has watched his minutes drop until he was relegated to the bench. Now, after the decision to remove the bracelet, the end of this story appears to be closer than ever.

British He confirmed all the rumors About the coach’s decision to hand the armband to another teammate after three and a half years. This appeared on his Twitter account with a message acknowledging the feeling “really frustrating”. The defender revealed that “after talks with the coach today, He told me he would change captain. He explained his reasons to me and although personally I am very disappointed, I will continue to give my all every time I put the shirt on.”

Football player was born in Sheffield He wanted to take this opportunity to thank the fans for their support during these three years, and to explain what it means to wear the bracelet of one of the most important clubs in the world. “Since the day I took office three and a half years ago, it has been a great privilege Managing Manchester United and one of the proudest moments of my career so far. It is one of the highest honors in club football. I did everything I could to help United succeed both on and off the field.” In addition, one of the most important people in his career stated, Ole Gunnar Solskjaerthe coach who trusted him with that responsibility.

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High expectations and disappointing performance

The center back came from the front door, being the most expensive center back in history after the “Red Devils”. He will pay 87 million euros to lester. The 30-year-old defender has arrived to spearhead the rebuilding of a team that has not found its way since he left Sir Alex Ferguson. She would become a pillar of defence, establish On which the Manchester United champion should be built. The confidence was complete. Such was the case that he assumed command shortly after his arrival.

Brazen gifts from United, which Al-Nusairi took advantage of

Expectations were very high, both for its track record and its price. As the games went by, so did the disappointment and, consequently, the criticism. Despite this, he did not lose ownership either in his team or even in the national team. In fact, he did better with the Three Lions than when he was wearing red. His hobby started making memesand jokes about their performance. The social masses demanded change that did not materialize.

The difficult relationship with Ten Hag

The changes came from the hands of the Dutch coach. Since even before he came to the bench, the possibility that The captain will be withdrawn for relinquishment to De Gea. Oddly enough, the Spaniards also ended up leaving the team this summer.

The style of play of the English defender and the new coach were completely opposite, and it showed him. Last season, he only made eight appearances and made 16 starts. The signing of Lisandro Martinez was the first ‘hint’ Towards the Englishman who later saw how Varane, Lindelof or even a winger like Luke Shaw passed him on the left on his way to the start.

Now, the Old Trafford board are looking to give him a way out before he causes a fire in the dressing room. West Ham seems to be the main interested party to obtain their services. David Moyes knows him well, and he would fit ideally in a team with direct play and set-pieces as a great attacking tool. In addition, in the past few hours, according to the English press, A.J Interesting teams like Newcastle and Chelsea. Maguire’s watches are numbered in Manchester.

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