Premier League: Kovacic on sacking Potter: “It’s easier to sack a coach than 30 players”

KOvacic knows what they will face next Wednesday. The Croatian has been a member of the Santiago Bernabeu for three seasons. Now, at Chelsea and in a match preview against the Whites, he explains the dismissal of the Blues’ second manager of the season, Graham Potter: “In the end it’s easier to sack a coach than 30 players, but it also depends on us, we have to do better.”

eighth of Blues He wanted to thank his former coach for his work, though he acknowledges the situation wasn’t right: “We have to thank Potter, who was here and did a good job. It’s not easy when there are a lot of changes, so it was difficult for him as well.”

His replacement, Frank Lampard, is a familiar face to the older players at Stamford Bridge: “We know him, he was our coach.So it’s good that he’s back and trying to turn our season around because it wasn’t good.”

Graham Potter gives directions to his people.

Graham Potter gives directions to his people.EFE

Elimination against Real Madrid

From the London side, 10 in the Premier League, they know the Champions League is the competition to keepWe have two games with Real Madrid, so there is a possibility to finish the season well.

Kovacic and Modric fight for the ball

Kovacic and Modric fight for the ball.Brand

And the Croatian does not believe that changing the coach will affect his performance in the quarter-finals: “Lampard arrived very calmly, he has a clear idea of ​​what he expects from us, so we will see in the next few days what he will ask us to do on the field and how we will prepare.

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