Premier League: Klopp: “I know if I’m still here it’s because of my past”

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp confirmed that he was committed to the club and denied that he was considering leaving, despite having lived through his worst season at Anfield.. The German, who arrived in Liverpool in October 2015, is facing an empty season in which he has nothing left but to try to reach fourth place in the English Premier League, which is currently eight points behind eleven matches.

“I realize that if I am still here it is because of the past and not because of what we did this season,” he said in a press conference when asked about the large number of dismissed managers in the Premier League. “If this were my first season, it might be different.” The bad year, coupled with the time Klopp has already spent at Liverpool, and the wear and tear that that entails, has caused rumors about his possible signing at the end of the season.

“I am 100% committed.. No doubt about it. We have to solve this situation. We can’t play like we used to play, it’s not allowed. “I am disappointed, but this has already happened and now we have to find a way out and we are working on it,” said Klopp, who will face Chelsea’s Bruno Saltor at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

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