Premier League: Kepa’s ‘heroic’ miracles with Chelsea: his ‘world-class’ saves

Graham PotterCoach ChelseaAs follows: “global representation” Spanish goalkeeper match Kepa Arizabalaga In the 0-2 The Blues beat Aston Villa In Villa Park.

The former Athletic player was crucial to Chelsea in achieving their goals Fourth game in a row with a clean sheet and your adoption Fifth win in a row.

English Premier League (Day 11): Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea highlights and goals

The ‘daily Mail’ I defined Kepa’s saves, especially the one he made with Danny Ings’ point-to-point shot, like “Heroic Deeds”.

Graham Potter: ‘Kepa’s performance was world class’

Graham Potter, who gave him so far The ownership of Kepa before Edward MendyAfter the match, he stated that “Kepa was a world-class performance, especially in the first half. We needed him at the time and he made some great saves.”

“I am very happy for Kepa. He has been through a difficult period with us at times, but he contributed to the win,” the Chelsea coach told the Spanish goalkeeper.

“He found Kepa a fantastic level,” he said. “He made some great saves that kept us in the match and allowed us to take points, so I’m very happy for him.”

This was Kepa’s miracle with Chelsea at Villa Park: his triple save against Aston Villa

Jorge Hidaldo at describes That Kepa Arrizabalaga first had to deflect John McGinn’s central shot, but the rebound ended at Jacob Ramsey’s feet.

The English midfielder fired a powerful shot at the goalkeeper’s right post, which was defended by Kepa, and the Basque goalkeeper sent it to the post.

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Having hit the post, the ball again fell at the feet of a football player from the “bad guys”. Danny Ings hit the arc almost without an angle, but when the ball seemed to be slipping, Kepa put his strong arm so that the ball hit the post again and the danger was cleared.

After the 30th minute, the Spanish goalkeeper had to reappear to score another clear goal for Ings.

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