Premier League: Kane has become a historic event at Tottenham and in the Premier League

AndTarget Olympus has a new host. Thanks to his goal against Manchester City Pep Guardiola, Harry Kane became the top scorer in the history of the club. in the list you are applying to Jimmy Graves. Indeed, there is some controversy over two missed goals from Greaves, but as of today, Tottenham’s No. 10 is the all-time top goalscorer.

His football is so obvious that he didn’t even need to get that title He established himself as the best player in the club’s history And one of the most important in the English Premier League. On the day he beat Greaves, the Englishman gave a demonstration of how football is played. Drops, continuations, starting his team, playing with his back turned and of course … the goal. Kane is the beacon that lights up Tottenham. And enlighten it from the top of the summit.

Kane, M.;

Kane, scorer.Spears

Tottenham Hotspur’s all-time goalscorer

  1. Harry Kane 267 goals
  2. Jimmy Graves, 266 goals
  3. Bobby Smith, 208 goals
  4. Martin Chivers, 174 goals
  5. Cliff Jones, 159 goals
  6. Jermain Defoe, 143 goals
  7. George Hunt, 138 goals
  8. Son Heung-min 137 goals
  9. Lin Duquemin, 134 goals
  10. Alan Gilzean, 133 goals

Bicentenary in the Premier League

But this goal was not only an all-London record, either Kane scored his 200th goal in a Tottenham shirt, placing him in third place with most goals scored in Premier League history. At the top of the table, Alan Shearer; He was succeeded by Wayne Rooney. Two myths, which Kane will overcome sooner or later.

  1. Alan Shearer 260 goals in 441 games
  2. Wayne Rooney, 208 goals in 491 matches
  3. Harry Kane 200 goals in 304 matches
  4. Andy Cole, 187 goals in 415 games
  5. Sergio Aguero, 184 goals in 275 matches
  6. Frank Lampard 177 goals in 611 matches
  7. Thierry Henry 175 goals in 258 matches
  8. Jermain Defoe, 163 sat in 486 games
  9. Robbie Fowler, 162 goals in 379 games
  10. Michael Owen, 150 goals in 326 games
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Additionally, the ’10’ of Tottenham and the England captain has the best goal-per-game average on the entire list. Kane scores 1 goal every 1’52 game. His teammates at the top of the table needed a match 1’69 (Shearer) and 2’36 (Rooney). In addition, of the first three, only the Tottenham player has done so with only one club. The Englishman liberated himself: “I just wanted to finish it as soon as possible… It’s a special feeling.” Kane is a legend in London and in the Premier League.

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