Premier League: Jordan Henderson: The potential ‘betrayal’ of an LGTBIQ+ fighting icon

The potential signing of Jordan Henderson (Sunderland, 1990) by the Accord caused a real “shock” in the UK. The captain of Liverpool ceased to exist The LGTBIQ+ icon is fighting to be in the “eye of the hurricane”.

The criticism was leveled at the Liverpool captain, who, In 2021, he was nominated for the “Football Ally” Award given by the LGTBIQ+ Collective Because of a ‘tweet’ of support he sent to a gay fan in ‘pool’. “You’ll never walk alone, Keith. If wearing a rainbow bracelet only helps one person, we’ll make progress. Everyone is welcome in Liverpool,” Hindu wrote.

“Football for everyone”

And the England international reiterated via Liverpool’s website his pride in wearing the bracelet in defense of LGTBIQ + interests: “I am proud to be captain because The values ​​of unity, solidarity and integration cannot be compatible with the values ​​of our club and our city.”.

The values ​​of unity, union and inclusion could not be more in line with the values ​​of our club and our city.

Jordan Henderson

This is not an isolated gesture. “I have regularly used rainbow laces on my boots. Football is for everyone and We must carry this kind of message into our homes and jobs…to move toward a more inclusive and welcoming society.”

We must convey this kind of message to move towards a more inclusive and welcoming society

Jordan Henderson

‘We are shocked and worried’

However, Steven Gerrard’s amazing offer to join the Accord – more than $40 million a year – could push him to join the Accord. Henderson ends up playing in a country that does not respect the rights of the LGTBIQ+ group.

“It’s hard to refuse money, almost no one has it. I understand he will take criticism because in the past he has been highly praised on his LGTBIQ+ site.”Jamie Carragher tweeted.

I understand receiving criticism because in the past he has been highly praised for his post on LGTBIQ+

Jamie Carragher

no sooner said than done. And the “Cops Outs” program expressed its strong condemnation of the possibility of signing the agreement with Henderson: “We are shocked and worried that someone He might consider working for a system where women and LGTBIQ+ are oppressed This systematically leads the global ranking of death sentences.”

“Particularly disturbing is Gerrard’s involvement in photo laundering,” continues Kops Out, which rejects the juicy financial offer: “When someone already has wealth, should he be tempted by money? Perhaps he should ask himself that question.”

If a person possesses wealth, is he tempted by money? Perhaps you should ask yourself this question.

“Kops Out”

However, they still maintain an aura of hope: “We hope Jordan Henderson proves to be a man of his word and remains true to the values ​​of our club. which until now was an absolute embodiment.”

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