Premier League: Isaac gets the PM at his feet: ‘It’s the best assist I’ve ever seen’

AndNewcastle is moving steadily towards the 2023/24 Champions League. If a few days ago you supported the historic 6-1 against Tottenham that made London shudder, then last night you beat Everton at Goodison Park: 1-4. In that match, Isaac who was a substitute because it was a weekly match, He entered in the second inning to leave one of the plays of the year. A classy solo move, a dance with Michael Keane and a goaltending pass for Jacob Murphy. England succumbs to the Swede, who is still in excellent form this season.

“Maybe the best presence I’ve ever seen.”Ballon d’Or winner as Michael Owen. “amazing”Write another English football legend like Ian Wright. “Oh my God, what a goal. Isaac’s play was outrageous to help Jacob Murphy”Alan Shearer, Newcastle hero, is finished.

This is probably the best support I’ve ever seen.

Michael Owen

with this win, Newcastle settles in the ‘Champions Zone’ and is heading towards a historic comeback: they haven’t played the first continental championship since 2003-2004… And that season they were eliminated in the previous round against Red Star. But in 2023/24 the target will be different: 8 points ahead of (Tottenham’s) 5 and one game less. They will qualify directly to the group stage.

Isaac vs Everton.

Isaac vs Everton.

while, Isaac continues to collect trophies. Although the 70 million that the “magpies” paid Real Sociedad was a price that initially aroused suspicion, once he overcomes his physical problems, the Swede “breaks” the prime minister. Adding 11 goals in 23 games in this course.

He’s a big player

Callum Wilson, Newcastle player

“He’s a superior player,” says teammate Callum Wilson, who admits he’d like to play more minutes alongside Isaacs. Howe, the Newcastle coach, also declares his admiration: “I couldn’t see what really happened. I saw him on TV, the amount of twists and turns and moves he did… incredible skill. He has amazing ball manipulation.”

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