Premier League: Is the end of Klopp in Liverpool near? “There are little signs…”

And thebeginning of Liverpool season Not as expected. “red” Tenth in the Premier LeagueThey added two wins, four draws and two losses. A situation that started hearing some critical voices against him club. Even some likes Dietmar Hamannex-team player, starts A glimpse into the end of the artistic era On the bench of the team, where he spent seven years.

“sometimes, I think we’re going to have this discussion around training and I’m not sure how far away we are from that. Hamann said in a statement that the coach said he still believed he was the right man to do so, but I see little things like seeing Jordan Henderson his number appear and reluctantly take off his bracelet and walk away and shake his head. TalkSport.

I see little things like Jordan Henderson who sees his number pop up and reluctantly takes off his bracelet


“That’s something we haven’t seen at Liverpool in five years. Maybe they are small indications that people have little problems with the team or even with the coach. The dynamic at Liverpool is no different than anywhere else, and if the results are not there, the manager will be under pressure.”he completed.

Liverpool. Immediately, 14 points behind Arsenal, Leader of the State Council. That’s yes, the “gunners” played more meeting than Klopp meetings.

“As a big team they are always in transition, but They’ve been at the top for the past three or four years. “What they have achieved and what they have done last year is unparalleled,” Hamann concluded.

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