Premier League: I couldn’t speak for nerves, but Declan Rice has made a kid’s dream come true

c.oh good captain, Declan Rice stayed on for several minutes after the big home win against Manchester United To thank the fans for their support West Ham.

turning around to get acquainted, The midfielder met a young Hammers fan Those who resided in the lower drawers await his idol. The boy burst into tears as soon as he saw Rice walking towards him.

“What’s wrong? Are you crying?” asked the player, giving him a hand. a hug. Then, seeing that the boy could hardly cry, Rice did not hesitate to give him his shirt, although he had previously promised it to another A group of fans’ don’t show it to him, okay? Give them anotherHe promised.

Only then London’s little follower managed to say ‘thank you’ Between tears of emotion and nerves. It’s not every day that you get an idol game shirt.

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