Premier League: He made his City debut and worked as a secret plumber: now he cleans the lights on the pitch where he won

Logan teaEnglish football promises just that He made his debut for Manchester City in 2007 And he played with “Citizens” in the Premier League match in 2009, now He is dedicated to repairing the lights of the stadium where he was winning.

“From playing in the spotlight to working on it”Logan explained in a video he shared on his Twitter account.

Shay Logan was secretly working as a plumber while he was still playing in Scotland.

Shay Logan, who is 35 and has played on loan for City at Grimsby Town, Scunthorpe United, Stockport County and Tranmere, left the Manchester side in 2011 to sign for League One side Brentford.

At Aberdeen in Scotland, it’s been the team Shay Logan has dabbled in the most, making more than 200 appearances between 2015 and 2021.

Heart of Midlothian and Cove Rangers were the next two teams for Shay Logan who, according to The Sun, “secretly worked as a plumber while he was still playing in Scotland”.

Oddly enough, in his new vocation, Shay Logan is back at Pittodrie Ground in Aberdeen…to fix the floodlights at his home stadium!

Shay Logan is looking for a job… in the oil world

Shay Logan’s next goal is to find a job in the oil industry, as he promotes himself on LinkedIn: “I’m looking for new job opportunities, completing courses and acquiring new rope and bolt access skills. A designer in everything I have in mind. Working in oil is my thing.” I stick to it 100%.”

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