Premier League: Haaland’s points test revealed to sign for City: Why did Real Madrid fail?

Erling Hallandforward from Manchester city that He didn’t have his best evening with City in the Champions League against Real MadridUse the points system to sign for the English team.

‘times’ It reveals that the 22-year-old Norwegian footballer used a certain points system to select his new team after Borussia Dortmund.

The teams that were appreciated and scored by Haaland and his entourage were Manchester cityAnd real madridAnd Bayern Munich and the F.C.B.

Paul Hirst Reports in a British newspaper that Haaland, His father (Alif Eng) so is it Then the agent (Mino Raiola, died April 2022) were eligible for Each team is ranked from 0 to 10 based on different categories.

How did Haaland examine Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern and Barcelona?

Some of those categories that Haaland’s environment valued were the competitiveness, the capacity of the stadium and this team’s need for a striker.

In need of a striker, Manchester City got 10 points out of 10, while Real Madrid stayed in 5 out of 10 due to the presence of Benzema.

In the end, Haaland’s ratings determined that, according to his own tests, his preference rankings would be headed by Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

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