Premier League: Haaland’s other great contract: 20m a year for a Messi, Mbappe or Cristiano match

Anda contract Erling Halland with the Manchester city It’s already extravagant in itself, but it’s not the only thing the Norwegian striker is aware of. We also published in MARCA the time of his arrival in the Union, he saidNorth’s total salary in Manchester is around €40m for each of the five seasons who signed with “cityzens”. However, any advertising contracts he signs must be added to this number. And the “weapon” that soccer players use to inflate their bank accounts is their shoes: Now, as published by “The Athletic”, Haaland came close to signing with Nike for £20m a year (around €23m in return).

Haaland’s last contract with Nike expired on December 31, 2021… Since then, the City forward has enjoyed a year of ‘freedom’ when it comes to wearing boots. We’ve seen the Norwegian with Nike regularly in the Premier League, but also with Adidas (his first friendly with City) or even Puma, the brand that wears the club he plays for. This has been extended to “street shoes”, where We’ve seen Haaland with many makes and models.

Another record broken by Haaland…and those that remain

For example, On 13 June 2022, in his presentation with City, Haaland wore a Puma boot. It was the Ultra 1.3 City, a special team edition seen by the German brand. But a few days ago, in the Nations matches, he was wearing Nike. And soon after, He was seen wearing an Adidas X Speedportal. As expected, rumors swirled about the brand they would be wearing… and now it seems that after several months they ended up wearing Nike (Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15) in Premier League matches.

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Haaland is with Adidas, Nike and Puma this season.

Haaland is with Adidas, Nike and Puma this season.

This is how the soccer shoe market works

As we saw this last year with Erling Haaland, or more recently with Vini Jr, It is common for footballers to take their time choosing which new brand to wear. And in that period, players wore black shoes or different brands.

These conventions, of course, go beyond the shoes a footballer uses in matches. Extending to sportswear or streetwear, there are many advertisements they make for the brand they sign up for. Hence those lucrative deals for football stars today.

Usually when a contract is about to expire, or has already expired, players usually wear all-black shoes so brands know they’re free

Marco Migueldo for “Il Miga”

“Normally when a contract is about to expire, or has already expired, players usually wear all-black shoes so the brands know they are free. Some also paint the shoes with graphics or colors to cover the logo “, explains to MARCA, Il Miga, expert in the world of football boots.

Haaland in a match with City.

Haaland in a match with City.

“Haaland, in this sense, never wore black shoes, he simply wore the shoe he wanted to continue using or what he wanted to try on,” he explains. As “The Athlete” explains, For the Manchester City forward, the “comfort and satisfaction” he gets with the current Mercurials side has been key.

In this sense, Haaland never wore black shoes, he simply wore the shoes he wanted to keep using or what he wanted to try on.

Marco Migueldo for “Il Miga”

Haaland, on the highest-paid podium

If the information from “The Athletic” is confirmed, Haaland is placed on the podium of the world’s highest-paid sports brands. A market that completely collapsed when Neymar left Nike in 2020 to sign with Puma on a record-breaking contract: 23 million pounds per session, about 26 kilos in millions of euros each season.

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Neymar in a match with Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar in a match with Paris Saint-Germain.

behind it Leo Messi, who in 2017 signed a lifetime contract with Adidas, is being compared by some experts to the treatment Jordan enjoys with Nike. In fact, the Argentine became the first soccer player to launch a sub-brand of Adidas shoes: Adidas Messi.

Then comes Cristiano Ronaldo (also with a lifetime contract) or mbapp (signed a contract for 10 seasons) … And Mario Balotelli! The Italian is among the best paid as he signed a 10-year contract with Puma… in 2014. The deal was clearly a lucrative one for the footballer, who maintained his income despite seeing his football career go downhill.

  1. Neymar – Puma (23 million pounds sterling)
  2. Leo Messi – Adidas (18 million)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike (15 million)
  4. Kylian Mbappe – Nike (14 million)
  5. Mario Balotelli – Cougar (5M)

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