Premier League: Haaland’s city buried in Google: “We fear our region will become Atlantis”

B.Looking at Google “Halland”. The portal responds “Haaland probably meant it.” But no, there is one. Swedish town called Halland Which overshadowed the success of the Norwegian attacker on Internet searches.

Jimmy Sandberg, Haaland District Tourism DirectorGoogle is tired of burying his land because of the goals of the Manchester City striker and he wrote A message asking the world of football to be careful When it comes to distinguishing between a city and a football player.

We are Haaland, it is Haaland. This popularity of football is killing our online presence

Jimmy Sandberg

We are HaalandIt’s Haaland. The popularity of this football phenomenon is decimating our online presence, Sandberg said. “To our despair, All our efforts to promote Haaland have all but disappeared. If nothing is done, we fear it Our beloved region is in danger of becoming forgotten Atlantisa place known only in history and ancient writings.”

If nothing is done, we fear that our beloved region is in danger of becoming forgotten at Atlantis.

Jimmy Sandberg

Sandburg may be dramatic when comparing his city to Atlantis, but the truth is that When you search Haaland on Google, you have to browse through 25 photographs of Haalandin the shirt of Salzburg, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City, before the first photo of the landscape was found by Haaland.

300,000 people

One letter error disrupts the tourist plan for this areaIt is located in southern Sweden and has a population of about 300,000. Haaland is not known for the goals she scored, but for herr its beaches. Even soccer isn’t the most popular sport, but it is Handball that wins the gamewith jewel HK Drott, has won eleven times in the Swedish First Division.

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However, Sandberg admits it The Haaland explosion led to the proliferation of the word “Haaland” on social networksAlbeit for the wrong reason. Don’t doubt either Haaland invited to see the area He emphasized that many Norwegians usually go on vacation to these beaches and that they feel at home.

Guardiola, at Haaland’s break in Marbella: “I hope you don’t eat or drink too much”

Vacation in the World Cup

At the moment, Haaland doesn’t seem to be planning on spending the summer in his Twin City, but that’s his Plans for the next World Cupwhich he did not participate in because Norway did not qualify, is completely away from Sweden.

Manchester City striker Spend a few days in MarbellaHe had a home and had already been seen on several occasions on the beach as if he were just another man from Malaga.

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