Premier League: Haaland’s agent says Real Madrid are a ‘dream’ for footballers, setting off alarm bells in England

Rafaela Pimentaagent Erling Halland (33 goals in 33 matches for Manchester City), he talked about the favorite signing destinations for footballers.

“There is the Premier League and Real Madrid”explained the Brazilian lawyer in London during “FT Business of Football” (Football and Industry Forum organized by the Financial Times).

Real Madrid has something special about it that makes it a dream country for players. Madrid keeps that magic alive. It does not have a league competition, but it does have the Champions League

Rafaela Bieber

But Haaland’s agent went further in her interpretation: “Real Madrid has something of its own that makes it a dream country for players. Madrid keeps this magic alive. It does not have a league competition, but it does have a champions league.”

Another “nonsense” from Haaland: a “hat-trick” in 54 minutes and exceeds 12 “pitches” in half a turn!

This is how agent Rafaela Pimienta plans a footballer’s career: “We need a goal”

Regarding his business strategy with his clients, the Behind Mino Raiola He explained that “At my agency we try to make a plan. We have to make a plan. We need a goal. We may not achieve it, but if we don’t know where we’re going, we definitely won’t get there. When we have a player, we make plans. Even if The player was 15 years old. We are planning his professional career.”

Rafaela Pimenta: “There are a lot of lies about Haaland; he’s very young and must be protected”

Rafael Pimienta recalled that “When I started out in this business, if I told a player ‘I’m getting you to England’ the first thing they would say to me was ‘What did I do wrong?'” Why do not you love me? But now, if you ask a player “What’s your goal?” He will say the Premier League. It doesn’t say City, Chelsea or Arsenal but the Premier League. This is the first time in 25 years that I have heard many players say they want to go to a league and not a club. This is the ideal situation for an agent.”

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Concern in England about Haaland’s future after his agent’s words about Madrid: “Country of Dreams”

“Daily Mail” interpreted these words of Rafaela Pimenta as “The agent of Erling Haaland has confirmed that they are indeed planning the striker’s departure from Manchester City, which opens the door to signing a ‘dream’ for Real Madrid.” .

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