Premier League: Guardiola’s World Cup: ‘Don’t go, the best way to enjoy matches is at home with red wine’

Pep Guardiola It’s clear what you have Roadmap during the World Cup in Qatar, which begins in just over two weeks. With the rest of the football matches suspended, the Manchester City coach confirmed that he will not go to the State of Qatar to watch any match. on site Explain how and where you enjoy the World Cup. “The best way to enjoy games is at home with red wine”Emphasizing his appearance in front of the media.

We’ll have a week or two off and then we’ll work here, maybe go to Abu Dhabi, maybe organize a friendly


Fitness Trainer citizen He explained how the World Cup will be held. We will have a week or two off And then we will work here, maybe we will go to Abu Dhabi, maybe we will organize a friendly match,” he said, and he continued, “It is not final, but we will train, We will be back on December 28 and we will be fully prepared to come back.”

I don’t know how footballers will come back after the World Cup


Guardiola was also questioned about The importance of giving time to play in these last matches before the Qatar event for players who have had fewer chances so far this season: “We’ll be back in a month and a half. It’s important to give them minutes to see how they are, that they’re doing their best. And that’s it.” The minutes I give them will not affect who they are after the World Cup. I don’t know how footballers will come back after the World Cup. No coach knows.”

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