Premier League: Guardiola’s future at City: ‘Everything is under control, it’s perfect’

The World Cup will bring a “rest” time for other playerswhich stopped. Pep Guardiola I already confirmed that I will not go to Qatar to see any meeting on site Explain how and where the “vibration” with the World Cup. “The best way to enjoy games is at home with red wine,” he commented a few weeks ago.

The technician may also have other issues that need to be addressed during this time. One of them could be your future. Pep will terminate his contract with City at the end of this season In this regard, he referred to the media on Friday.

“I’ve said many times that I don’t talk about it.”emphasized at first, but then continued: “Everything is under control, it is perfect, The decision will be made with the club at the time to be made. When we have timeWhen both parties feel the moment, we will make a decision.”

It’s not about achievements after six or seven years, but to see that you are comfortable here


On what motivates him to expand his relationship with Manchester City, he said: “Enjoy. It doesn’t mean that you win all the time, or that you are happy all the time. Or that all the time works as you think. It’s not about the accomplishments after six or seven years, but about seeing that you’re comfortable here.”

happy in town

He also admitted that he feels very comfortable in the club, where he spent seven seasons. They asked, “Are you going to spend all that time on another team?” Pep replied, “No, I don’t think so. It’s hard to find what I have here as a coach.”

It’s hard to find what I have here as a coach


“To be a coach for the long haul, you need a lot of support. The results help a lot, and this is undeniable. In this world they kick you out, we know that’I added.

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In the big clubs, Part of the coach’s success is the president, especially the sports director and all the people here. There is stability. That’s why I think this can only happen in a few clubs.”

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