Premier League: Guardiola is honest about Haaland’s relegation: ‘It’s our fault, not his’

There is no blame on Manchester City This week has nothing to do with what the number is Erling Hallandmaybe The fiercest striker facing goal On the face of the earth. Norwegian is He broke all goalscoring records in the Premier League, netting 26 goals in 23 matches.. However, there are doubts about his participation in the match outside of his relationship with the goal.

This is exactly the reason for their question Pep Guardiola In his last press conference, and before him, the Sampdore coach was frank: “It’s our fault, not Erling’s.The coach kept defending his attacker.He’s been great all season“, Announce.

Haaland has barely two games left without seeing the door Add Superstars and Champions, but it’s such a small period It’s a drought for such a target. Guardiola continues to take responsibility for it. “He moves very well We have to look at it a little more.”

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