Premier League: Guardiola imitates Mourinho: The Catalan faced the Anfield stands

sPeople’s Army Guardiola faced the Anfield stands, after the “red” fans celebrated the cancellation of the goal scored by Foden. The Catalan coach was not amused by the gestures from the stands, responding sarcastically to the cheering on the stands.

It looks like Manchester United will go ahead at Anfield with Foden’s goal, but the VAR has called up Anthony Taylordue to a previous error on Haaland’s goal on one of the local defenders. The English referee saw the picture, and decided to cancel the goal About the aforementioned deficiency already.

When Anfield saw that the goal was no longer valid, The crowd celebrated it as if it was a goal for their team. This gesture seemed to annoy Guardiolawho turned to his seat as he raised his arms toward the stands, in a sarcastic “come on, let’s go” gesture lit up the parish red. The Spaniard’s reaction was not funny to the audience, who started to boo Catalan coach.

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