Premier League: Guardiola: “I’m not optimistic about racism in Spain”

theTo denounce Hazem Vinicius against racism in Spanish football quickly became a topic of global discussion. Actually, it’s been a long time Get to the Mancesheter City press room. to Pep Guardiola has been asked if La Liga can learn something from the Premier League. Immediately after “shouldI took the opportunity to talk in depth about the topic.

“Here are very strict about that. Racism is not a problem in a specific place, but in the whole world.He continued, “We think our countries and our languages ​​are better than others, however The more you travel and the more you know that we are all the same“.

“This may be An opportunity for Spain to take a small step forward, but I’m a little optimisticGuardiola finished saying with some annoyance on his face.

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