Premier League: Guardiola: “If we lose to Leicester we won’t be champions”

AndFor Manchester City, delighted with its impressive victory over Bayern in the Champions League, Back to the Premier League Tomorrow with Leicester’s visit to the Union in a duel according to Pep Guardiola, It seems decisive For his team’s options for the local championship, with several league matches remaining.

So much so that the gentleman from Santpedor posted the crucial banner of this duel: “If we lose tomorrow we will not be championsAnd this is taking into account that they have one game less than Premier League leader Arsenal.

Praise for Brighton: “The truth is we are six points behind, Nobody guarantees that we will win our pending game against the best team in the world that builds the game, the best team is Brighton. No other team is better at getting the ball into the last quarter, and there is no better team in modern football right now.“, said the Spanish coach, who also understands that when there is someone better than you, in this case the team led by Mikel Arteta, you have to admit it.

Above Bellenham, Water

During the press conference, he was asked about the English player who plays for Borussia Dortmund, Judd Bellingham. He refused to answer anything about the British, inquiring to the fellow journalist that the questions should be better prepared, especially when one knows the answer they are going to give. “Next,” one of the Saintpedors said.

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