Premier League: Guardiola explains why he thinks some people don’t like him

AndIn the run-up to Manchester City’s match against Fulham, which could be decisive for the English Premier League, the Spanish coach of the national team had a moment to review his career.

“I never thought I would live what I lived, when I started training at 3 in Barcelona and then got into the first team, I never would have imagined it. All of this has exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful to have lived with great teams and great players.” If they tell me tomorrow my career is over If for any reason it expires, I can’t ask for anything more, nothing more. I never imagined I would be so lucky or lucky. That’s why not many people do that “I like Pep, because I’m lucky, I feel. That’s how I feel”, were the words Pep Guardiola uttered with which he expressed his feeling that a certain section of the football world did not like him.

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