Premier League: Guardiola celebrates his 500th Premier League game…and his poise is incredible

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City visit legendary Old Trafford this afternoon (1:30pm, DAZN) From Manchester United’s roster, which, in addition, would be the perfect venue for Pep Guardiola’s 500th league match, counting the three teams he participated in: Parra (the league); Bayern (Bundesliga); and city (prime).

500 matches winning reliability is amazing See attached chart. In these 499 league matches, the Catalan coach has achieved nearly 76% wins for his teams, 14% draws and barely 11% defeats. The highest percentage of falls – a place where he also led the most in league matches – has been affected by City, with 13% from defeats, compared to almost 9% at Bayern, and just over 7% at Parra. . Guardiola did better with Messi and company than he did in the other two leagues.

Let us remember that in terms of league titles, the guardolóstica harvest is as follows: at the Camp Nou, Pep has won three out of four waves (they did not win 11-12); At the Allianz Arena muniqus, he has farmed three Sluggish Bulls which he has played (2014-15-16); While in the Federation, at the moment, he has captured four bosses out of six who have completed, not counting this one, which is very difficult. City defeated Guardiola in the Premier League 2018-19-21-22, He failed to win titles in 2016-2017 (Chelsea) and 2019-20 (Liverpool).

Balance is great no matter where you look: Pep has managed 13 full leagues from the bench winning 10 of them. If you look at the attached table, you’ll see that almost all of the hit or miss teams’ stats correspond to the premier, but it’s purely a matter of proportion, since the coach racks up the most games.

Away from Pep’s 500th league encounter, today’s Manchester derby will be very interesting because of two circumstances: City cannot lose more points against Arsenal, who lead them by five points in the table; s United have a decent winning streak in the premier: six straight wins and a 10-match unbeaten streak, which they haven’t done since their 6-3 thrashing against City on October 2.

By and large, Ten Hag’s men have lost only once of their last 18 competitive matches while they are alive in four competitions: they are fourth in the Premier League, nine points behind Arsenal; They will face Para in 1/16 of the Europa League; Reading awaits him on 1/16 of the Federation Cup. He is in the semi-finals of the League Cup.

But, back to Pip, it isCitizens want to turn their coach’s anniversary into a tribute to his amazing career.

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