Premier League: Greenwood appears in court for rape

MManchester United’s Jason Greenwood appeared on Monday at Manchester and Salford due to the accusations weighing on him. Rape, assault, domination and coercive behaviour.

Greenwood, 21, has separated from the team since his arrest in January of this year, He was later released on bailBut he spent the last two nights in police custody, after he was arrested for allegedly violating his bail terms.

The footballer was taken to court in a police car, wearing a gray T-shirt and tracksuit, in addition to being accompanied by his family. I just spoke to confirm your name, date of birth and address.

According to the Daily Mail, the young player, who once became an international player in England, is believed to have done so. He violated bail by trying to contact his alleged victim.

Greenwood was released from his first arrest on February 2, after which his bail was extended twice, last time in June.

Introduction In January, his then-partner accused him of abuse and rapeThrough the videos and photos he posted on his social networking sites.

Greenwood He has not trained or played for United since he was charged in January The club will keep him away until the situation clears up.

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