Premier League: Graham Potter explains Kokurila’s strange change in the 36th minute: ‘It wasn’t an easy decision’

And theThe Chelsea-Manchester United match at Stanford Bridge left an extraordinary picture in the world of football. After leaving the starting lineup, Marc Cucurella left the match in the 36th minute as a substitute By his coach, Graham Potter, with no apparent physical problems, and no winger made serious mistakes.

The Spanish defender left the field of play to allow former Real Madrid player Mateo Kovacic. Cucurella went to the bench with clear indications of a rift with his coach over the switch.

At the post-match press conferenceand indeed with 1-1 as the end result, Potter appeared at a press conference and explained the reason for the controversial change of player, which in turn was accompanied by a change in his initial system. (Chelsea switched from a 1-3-4-2-1 formation to a 1-4-2-3-1 formation.) According to the English coach, his team needed another player in the middle of the field to make it difficult for the opponent to build the game and make it easier for him to play.: “Well, I think the impression of the match was that we were a little bit ahead in midfield. We needed an extra player there to put more pressure, to stop them from building their plays, to make it easier to build” It wasn’t an easy decision at all. The boys responded very well and gave everything they could.”

The arrival of Marc Cucurella at Chelsea raised high hopes as a result of his brilliant season last year and the high price paid by the “Blues” in the market last summer (68 million euros). His performance this season has not lived up to expectations, with many citing his substitution against Manchester United before halftime as evidence of Potter’s dissatisfaction with his performance. But the English coach himself took it upon himself to deny this situation after the match.

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