Premier League: Global Alert: They are going through the operating room… 18 days of Qatar 2022!

The World Cup warnings go off for Hong Min Soon. And the South Korean, after a confrontation with Mbemba, was forced to retire after half an hour of playing in the Champions League match against Marseille. As a result of the World Cup approaching, the alerts confirmed today jumped immediately.

Tottenham announced that he is undergoing surgery … less than a month before the start of the World Cup in Qatar. Subject to “Surgery to fix the fracture around his left eyeAfter the operation, the player will begin rehabilitation with the English team’s medical services team.

With the World Cup approaching,

Due to the particularity of the date on which the event takes place, there are only less than three weeks left for the ball to roll in the home court. Any minor injury complicates presence in Qatar. South Korea are on the lookout for the development of Son, the number one star in the team selected into Group H alongside Uruguay, Ghana and Portugal.

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