Premier League: Gary Neville points out Todd Boyle as guilty of Chelsea’s collapse: ‘He created this disaster’

sChelsea’s season is not the best and no one loses it. Lampard’s points are 20 points from the centers that give access to Europe And in an increasingly negative dynamic. With the course leveled from the moment Real Madrid were knocked out of the Champions League, the London side only had to think about the future. But while that future comes, they have four days left to “suffer”.

Access Todd Boyle After Abramovich’s departure, it was an injection of illusion. And they did not last long, among other things due to the performance of the owner, as argued by Gary Neville on his podcast. The former Manchester United player was happy with the Blues: “Chelsea had a successful way of running the club. That’s what Bohle has created now. He created this mess. Like playing football, it was terrible.”.

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The former Valencia boss noted that Chelsea had rarely been successful before Bohle’s arrival: “You’re the owner. You’re not a player or a manager. You don’t have experience in this league so stay where you are and let the people who’ve done it successfully in the last 10 years run the club.”. He did not stop there and Gary asserted, “Everything comes from the top. It was chaotic, a disaster from day one. Pohli had a nightmare and misread this league.” Although he holds out some hope for the future: “I’m sure he’ll learn quickly. What happened this season is entirely up to him.”

Chelsea had a successful way of running the club. This is what Pohli has created now. He created this mess. Like playing soccer coach, it was terrible

Gary Neville

Tuchel, Potter, Lampard… As many as three carriages for a colossus built with feet of clay. After the defeat against Arsenal, Neville stated that Chelsea are “the best team on paper I’ve seen play so poorly. It was a disaster in the first half. Pathetic”. A team that entered the former United player into “complete confusion” after Tuchel’s departure and the new type of contracts they signed in the winter market: “Then they changed it to a typical eight-year contract for 22-year-olds!”

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Despite the criticism, Bohle is clear that Chelsea is a “long-term project”. Neville is confident Pochettino’s potential arrival will “challenge the top three”. You’ll make them into a decent team.” In the meantime, remember that “When you start firing gardeners and physiotherapists and sports scientists and directors and managers, you throw everyone under the bus and say, ‘It’s their fault, not mine'”to indicate who he considers most responsible: Todd Bohle.

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