Premier League: Evra: “If Messi had Cristiano’s work ethic, he would have won 15 Ballons d’Or”

Patrice EvraEx-Partner Cristiano Ronaldo At Manchester United, on the Youtube channel of Ferdinand Riverwho was also part of these Red Devils, to compare the Portuguese star with Leo MessiThe two players who have dominated football this century.

For the Frenchman, what makes the difference for the Portuguese is his work ethic. “I want to explain why I say Ronaldo every time. Not only because he’s our brother, but because I love his work ethic. I feel that God gave Messi talent and told him to ‘go and play with these abilities’, while Cristiano had to work. He also has talent, but he had to work on it. If Messi had Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethic, he would probably have around 15 Ballon d’Ors today. I like people who work hard and that’s why I chose Ronaldo“, It is to explain.

He added, “I know that after the World Cup, people say that the goat is Messi, but Ronaldo is on a different level. I do not want to compare them. If someone chooses Messi, I will respect him.”

Messi is the player who has won the most Ballon d’Or awards in history, with seven, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo, with five. The Argentine could extend his record by lifting his eighth Ballon d’Or After winning the World Cup with Argentina.

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