Premier League: Emery’s unfinished business with Aston Villa

Unai Emery has yet to land in Villa Park and already has homework. Steven Gerrard arrived less than a year ago as a “hero” and left him as a “villain”: The team left fourth from the bottom … with the same points as the third from the last. The win over Brentford (4-0), with Aaron Dunks on the bench, gave them a break, but The former Villarreal player has plenty of work to do, starting with his debut against Manchester United. We analyze it.

Unai Emery is already the manager of Aston Villa

Create a team with an engaging game idea

Gerrard’s Aston Villa adventure is off to a good start. Very good: He won four of his first six matches. However, the team collapsed in the final phase of last season and was unable to revive it even with summer signings: Four victories in the last 22 Premier League games dug his “grave”.

The eleventh man from Aston Villa with Gerrard.

But more worryingly, the team, according to Athletic, It has become “boring and predictable”.The boos were already constant in Villa Park. “The team is very tight on the inside. It’s the parties that create the chances.”Sue Smith complained to Sky Sports.

The team is very crowded inside. It is the aspects of play that create opportunities

Sue Smith

Improve production and efficiency of goal scoring

It is undoubtedly the great slab that Aston Villa pulls down this path. Neither Gerrard’s 1-4-3-3 nor 1-4-1-2-1-2 worked. The “Bastards” are the fifth team in the Premier League to score the fewest goals: 11 in 12 matches. The score 4-0 against Brentford “made up” the statistics. Stevie stayed on with 7 goals in 11 games, averaging 0.63 per game.

The problem with Vya is not so much the amount of play they produce in attack. It is rather a matter of the (low) quality of the opportunities it generates. He is the fourth team to focus the most (233), the ninth to shoot the most (147), and the eighth with the most touches in the opponent’s area (247)… However, he has the fourth worst scoring efficiency rate (10.68%) in the Premier League.

Villa average positions in Gerrard’s last game.

Which is that many of his shots (54) came from outside the area: It is the sixth team in the prime minister that tries the most. Hanging side positions don’t seem to be the best option either With a front formed by Danny Ings (1.77 m), Oliver Watkins (1.80) and Archer Cameron (1.81). Another fact: Villa, with an average height (1.82), is the 12th team in the Premier League.

“We need someone to go up To serve a good center or what Create an associative game inside to get a good shot”Gerrard complained after falling in front of West Ham.

We need someone to step up to create the associative play inside and get a good shot

Steven Gerrard

Emiliano Martinez goalkeeper stamp

Losing Diego Carlos and Boubacar Camara is something that Gerrard has had to deal with and Emery will have to get used to. Both are a lot heavier, especially on the defensive plot. 16 goals conceded in 12 days – not far from ‘bleeding’ – make Aston Villa the ninth team to conceded the most in the Premier League.

However, there is a fact that speaks poorly of “bastards”. They’ve only managed to keep Emiliano Martinez’s goal below zero in three of the 12 games they’ve played so far. This could be attributed to the lack of attitude…but it doesn’t seem to be the case. It is rather an organization problem, a “board” problem.

Aston Villa, with the numbers on hand, is the team that wins the most duels (619 of 1218) in the Premier. He is also the fourth player to succeed in interventions (123), the fifth player to recover the most number of balls (718), and the ninth player to intercept the largest number of balls (107). Now it is up to Emery to make this performance even more effective.

Get ready for Philippe Coutinho

Almost all Aston Villa players underperformed in this last period for Gerrard: “The great players at Villa didn’t play well. Gerrard needs people like McGinn or Coutinho to show up. Dean Smith, Stevie’s predecessor on the bench, suggested, “Watkins did well, but not as good as last year.” A list that could include people like Mings, Buendía, Ings, Bailey…

The best FIA players did not play well. Gerrard needs people like McGinn or Coutinho to appear

Dean Smith

Emery will have to get them all back, but there is one person with the highest priority from the Villa Park offices: Philippe Coutinho. The former Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Bayern player, among others, started his career at Villa Park as ‘The Shot’: In his first eight matches, he added four goals and three assists. This is why they bet on this summer Pay 17 million euros To get your remittance permanently. However, his awakening seems to have completely faded: This season he has not been able to score or pass in the 12 games (611) he has played.

“I have great faith in him because of his age and talent. The statistics show that he is not at his best and we understand that, but we will give him all the support he needs,” Gerrard admitted in one of his recent conferences.

Consolidation of the divided dressing room

Gerrard hasn’t had many friends lately. The decision to snatch the captain from Tyrone Mings in favor of John McGinn didn’t sit well in the locker room…or in the stands.

The day Emery admitted that he was learning English with the Peaky Blinders…from his new city

We’ll have to see how Emery deals with this issue. McGinn, at the moment, was a replacement for Aaron Dunks against Brentford. Gerrard’s reeling, who stunned by leaving Douglas Luiz and Watkins on the bench in the first round against Bournemouth, is also not well explained.

Get close to Europe or win a title

Aston Villa’s new owners, Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, are ambitious. Villa, in fact, has been ambitious in the market for the past three seasons. Spent 300 million euros to sign Emiliano Martinez, Watkins, Coutinho, Diego Carlos, Camara and Engels…

However, since his return to the elite in 2019, he has not come close to the top echelons, Quite the contrary: it took the seventeenth, eleventh and fourteenth places. Emery’s medium-term challenge will be to bring the “bad guys” back to Europe. His last post, in 2010-11, ended too soon: he was eliminated in the previous post by Rapid Vienna.

Savo Milosevic.

The former Villarreal player will also face the challenge of bringing the 1982 former European champion closer to the title fight. The PM is clearly impossible, but the Villa is confident in the fight for the cups. His last great title – with the exception of Intertoto in 2001 – was won in 1996. It was the League Cup. They defeated Leeds (3-0) in the final with goals from Savo Milosevic, Ian Taylor and Dwight Yorke. next to nothing.

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