Premier League: Drinkwater, from winning first championship to ‘disappearing’: ‘I just want to play football again’

AndOn May 2, 2016, it was released Leicester City has accomplished one of its greatest feats Score in football by winning the premier league by defeating billionaire giants like Manchester City, Manchester United or Liverpool. He was one of her heroes Danny Drinkwater. The Englishman was part of a memorable midfield duo alongside him Ngolo Kante. Eight years later, so did the Brit More than 400 days without stepping on the field In an official match and is currently without a team.

The English Premier League champion explained to Sports your situation. “I remember thinking, ‘What happened to me?'” Am I so out of shape that no team wants to take me for free? ”

in 2017 signed from Chelsea for 40 million euros. A real star figure of the time. What would have been a huge step forward in his career turned into a descent into hell. He was not trusted by his coaches and got into a cycle of tasks that pushed him forward Burnley, Aston Villa, Kasim Pasha and finally Reading. There he found continuity which led him to play 33 matches. I can’t imagine that on April 30, 2022 at Madejski Stadium This would be the last time he would go out onto a soccer field to play a game. Since then, 428 days have passed.

Looking for a project

The break was not bad for him, since, as he explains, he devoted himself to managing several properties such as a restaurant in Manchester, in addition to “spending a lot of time with the family, I like being with my children.”

However, the England international is already eager to feel like a footballer again. “I want to be excited about a project againI’m waiting for something to excite me. I need that fervor again. Danny Drinkwater, who introduced himself to his old team, admitted. I would like to go back, I would like to be part of their history again, and take them back where they deserve to be. “

The Manchester-born player was also prepared Join the new football trend of going to Saudi Arabia. Specifically to the Etihad to meet again with Kante and re-form that pair of Premier League champions midfielders. “I think taking players like Benzema, Ronaldo and Kante The country makes it more attractive to other professionals. I’m sure it will be a great experience, if a team puts me up with Kante, they’ll have a guaranteed winning formula,” Drinkwater noted.

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