Premier League: Declan Rice, crucial piece and backbone for Arsenal

c.In some of the great love stories in the world of cinema, the story Declan Rice (Kingston upon Thames, 1999) and West Ham had taken on dramatic overtones. Life is a series of cycles that mark the stages of our path. The England international’s career ended in London. The Hammers’ greatest asset leaves the club in his life in search of a greater challenge. Declan was more than just the captain, reference or captain of the English team. One in Prague on June 7, an iconic image that reflects the present and future of the club and the franchise player. At the age of 24, he left, leaving the UEFA Conference League for exhibitions at the London Olympics. But, I needed to get out of West Ham and, like in a video game, take it to the next level.

Declan Rice, with R

Declan Rice, with the UEFA Conference League

Arsenal have completed the signing of Declan Rice He paid more than 100 million to West Ham English midfielder. Reaching to strengthen the center of the “Al-Madfajiah” field and to give a qualitative leap in his sports career. Mikel Arteta’s pupils are already playing at a very high level, but this appears to be just the embryo of what will be a brutal and dominant Arsenal.. To complete this “puzzle” arrives Rice, who must adapt to a new team, system, training and philosophy. The Spanish coach is aware that things will have to change in the squad for next season. If they want to compete with Guardiola’s Manchester City, they need squad changes and the creation of a more competitive squad And above all, expand the wardrobe.

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Declan Rice has played every minute this season in the Premier League, except for one game: he fell ill the night before against Manchester City. The rest is complete from start to finish. huge. An inexhaustible source of energy. Invaluable for a relatively short and rather limited midfield: Granit Xhaka, Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny, Jorginho and Vieira. Between the Swiss and the Ghanaian, they collected 5489 minutes in the English Premier League. Management is effective in the short term, but it is unsustainable to prolong it over time. After scoring 50 points in the first round (88%), Arsenal added just 34 points in the second round. Tired and without gas in their legs, the “Gunner” team ended up giving in to the giant “Citizen” team.

Declan Rice, in a Conference League game.

Declan Rice, in a Conference League game.@west ham

Life without Toms Suchek

Arsenal achieve a signature that they consider essential and a priority. but, What will be Rice’s job and role in 1-4-2-3-1 Mikel Arteta? The England international, with a height of 188 cm, is one of the most complete midfielders in Europe: Great at covering thanks to his imposing physical presence, great protector of his territory, and opponent’s reach, strong and quick in duels, great handling of the ball, being an expert in management and clever in distributing … but of course with Tomos Suchek at his side. Life with the Czechs is easier. with fewer complications. more interesting.

Defensively, they formed one of the best double pivots in England and one of the most attractive. Thoms Suchek and Rice Declan have combined for three years (2020-2023) to create a formidable duo in David Moyes’ midfield. Great protectors and both are excellent in one-on-one duels. In addition, they both press with luxury and work well with their backs on defense. And in the complementary offensive phase. With the ball, the Englishman tends to move forward, breaking the opponents’ lines, while Sochik, who is most distinguished in attack, is that he provides a central presence in the area.

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Mature project, mature footballer

Rice contributed five goals and four assists, although he plays as a midfielder. In Premier, has 88% pass effectiveness, plus 2.1 tackles and 1.7 interceptions per game. This season he was the player in the Premier League with the most interceptions (63), displaying one of his great traits: forward defense, in the style of Sergi Busquets’ best days. He also emerged as the league’s player with the most possessions won (334) and the third most distance traveled (412 km). And in this idea can fit, work and produce.

Declan Rice, in a Premier League match.

Declan Rice, in a Premier League match.@west ham

Arteta put together a daring display during his team’s defensive phase. With a 1-4-4-2 or 1-4-4-1-1 defensive base structure, the “Gunners” seek to win the ball back as high as possible. In addition, in the moments after losing the ball, they show that it is very “intense”, putting together a well-organized collective pressure that allows them to win the ball back very quickly. With the breadth and depth of Arsenal’s purposeful game, Rice can (and should) be key to kicking the ball from behind. Over the years, Declan has perfected the knowledge of how to outline before receiving, and his control and accuracy have made him the cornerstone of every West Ham outing under intense pressure.

In short, the importance of the green hub, as a bonding element and backbone of the team, may transcend in abstract terms. His dedication and passion raises the bar for fans. Long-term projects with space to work help really shape the idea of ​​football. And the one from Arsenal is. The additions of Declan Rice and Kai Havertz, staged with the approval of Mikel Arteta, support a mature and working project. A combative unit ready to break Guardiola’s tyranny in the Premier League. Big challenge. Mission Impossible?

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