Premier League: De Gea continues to break records: he is the Spanish footballer who has played the most matches for an English club

sThat at the beginning of the irregular season, David de Gea He remembers this campaign as one of the most memorable of his sports career. After immigrating to Manchester at the age of 19 with the difficult task of replacing the legendary Van der Sar, the Spanish goalkeeper continues to write his story at Old Trafford in his own handwriting. He has surpassed his compatriot Cesc Fbregas as the Spanish player who has played the most matches for an English team in all competitions.

against Chelsea, De Gea made 502 appearances for the Manchester United shirt, more than 501 for Fbregas throughout his England career. The former Atlético Madrid player has achieved it with the same club, while Cesc has achieved with Arsenal and Chelsea. Half a thousand clashes plagued me with criticism, on some occasions, but above all great memories of De Gea.

Third place with the most clean sheets in United history

Manchester United’s recent win over Tottenham de Gea not only helped equal the record with Fbregas, but also added To his account another match without conceding a net. There are already 171 matches between all competitions, only surpassed by Stepney with 175 and Peter Schmeichel with 180 in the historical standings.

De Gea deserves to break my record

Peter Schmeichel

Imagine that the legendary Danish goalkeeper would be delighted if he beat the Spaniards. “He deserves to break my own record, he was the best player on the team at the most difficult moment in the club’s recent history.” far as the Greetings from the Premier League, De Gea is indeed the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in the history of the Red Devils. A total of 134 is unbeatable which exceeds 132 from Van der Sar and 128 from Schmeichel.

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Sir Matt Busby’s all-time award winner

Since the 87-88 season, at the end of each campaign, Manchester United presents the award to the best player of the year. prize that De Gea has won four timesthree of them in a row, equalizing Cristiano Ronaldo as the player who won the cup more than once.

It’s hard to describe in words what Manchester United means to me.

De Gea, Manchester United player

It’s hard to describe in words what Manchester United means to me. It is amazing for any player to play for this club. “At first it was a little difficult, but with work everything is better,” De Gea said after winning his latest award. Awards honoring the career of the “Red Devil” has already exceeded half a thousand matches.

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