Premier League: De Gea celebrates 400 Premier League appearances for Manchester United

AndThe Spanish international meets a magical figure in goal Dream theater. owned by him Leeds UnitedAnd Digia I managed to add 400 matches in Premier LeagueOnly with a shirt Manchester UnitedBecause he never played for any other club on British soil.

guardian Old Trafford He is the seventh goalkeeper with the most caps Premier League. None of the top six on the list played in Manchester United. The most legendary goalkeeper of the Red Devils in the English Premier League era, Van der Sar and SchmeichelThey stayed for 313 and 310 matches, respectively.

specially , Today ‘1’ Red Devils tied Peter Schmeichel as the cleanest goalkeeper in Manchester United history. The man from Toledo is a pillar that supports the good dynamics of the Red Devils, who are already 2nd in the Premier League.

De Gea and Lisandro Mart

De Gea and Lisandro Martinez.La Presse

Goalkeepers with the most appearances in the Premier League

The peculiarity of this list lies in the nationalities. Of the goalkeepers that we will mention below, only James is the Englishman. From here, Australian, American, Irish, Czech, Finnish and Spanish, in that order.

  1. David James 572 matches
  2. Mark Schwarzer, 514 matches
  3. Brad Friedel 450 matches
  4. Given tea, 450 games
  5. Petr Cech, 443 matches
  6. Jussi Jäskelinen 443 matches
  7. David De Gea, 400 matches

The most active players appearing in the Premier League

De Gea is among a select group of footballers in the English competition. Just, Four active Premier League players with over 400 appearances. The Spanish goalkeeper has the opportunity, if he continues the number of minutes he has played, to move to the second position in the list.

  1. James Milner 602 matches
  2. Henderson, 413 games
  3. Ashley Young, 410 games
  4. David De Gea, 400 matches

The peculiarity of ‘1’ for Manchester United is that he is the only player out of the four considered to be ‘One Club Men’ in England.. James Milner He played for Leeds United, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Liverpool. Jordan Herdinson He has played minutes with Sunderland and Liverpool. Ashley Young He has been a part of Watford, Aston Villa, Manchester United and Aston Villa, again.

Tribute to David de Gea.

Tribute to David de Gea.Premier League

The Spanish players with the most appearances in the English Premier League

De Gea is also the Spanish player with the most appearances in the Premier League. Since the 2011/2012 season, The man from Toledo has proven himself in the Old Trafford goal without any other goalkeeper being able to transfer the number ‘1’ to the bench.

  1. De Gea, 400 matches
  2. Fabregas 350 matches
  3. Azpilicueta, 342 matches
  4. David Silva, 309 matches
  5. Pepe Reina 297 matches

All the players on this list are active, and the first player we find on this list, retired, is Mikel Artetatrainer Arsenal with 284 matches. If all goes normally for the remainder of the season, Azpilicueta will rise to second place on this list, led by De Gea with an iron fist.

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