Premier League: Cucurella’s harsh adaptation to Chelsea: ‘disturbing effects’ of home burglary and harsh criticism

Mark CucurellaThe Spanish defender who has received heavy criticism for his performance in ChelseaHe was robbed at his home shortly after moving from Brighton.

Newspaper ‘the sun’ It publishes that “the troubling effects of the robbery are believed to have had a major impact on Cucurella’s struggle to establish himself at Stamford Bridge”.

Andrew Dillon It is reported that the robbery of Cucurella’s house is the third that a Chelsea player has been exposed to after that theft Rhys James (in a video the thieves are seen taking his safe) And Raheem Sterling (the gang that broke into his mansion during the World Cup has already been arrested).

Reece James publishes the video of the “chaos” theft of his medal in the Champions League and Euro

Graham Potter defends Cucurella: “They are human beings with their own lives and what happens”

Graham PotterChelsea manager He publicly admitted that Mark Cucurella was struggling personallyand the newspaper ‘the telegraph’ He posts that theft in his home could be one of the reasons.

“They are human beings with their own lives and what happens. Mark Cucurella is not the only one. At the same time, you understand that the fans pay their money and the most important thing is what happens on the pitch for 90 minutes. However, the players have to deal with things,” explained the Chelsea coach. Defender of the Spanish defender.

Graham Potter realized, “Mark is fine, he’s doing his job. He knows he’s probably not at his best but he’s not the only player who has to go through this moment. He’s a player the club invested money over the summer and our job is to help him, support him and get him to the point where he’s shown everyone his qualities.” “.

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Last season, Chelsea paid Brighton 74 million euros for Cucurella.

Cucurella’s toughest criticism: ‘He’s not good enough for Chelsea’

The Spanish defender received some whistles at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League and He was criticized by Frank LeBeouf: “We don’t want to see Cucurella anymore. With all due respect to a man I don’t know, Cucurella isn’t good enough for Chelsea. It’s that simple.”

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